Helicopter Charter Pricing Athens to Mykonos

So you are here now. Athens. The magnificent city. Acropolis, and the temple of Zeus. You have walked the cobblestone and ancient streets and had the best souvlaki. As you’re resting your tired feet, you suddenly remember that the most magical part of your vacation hasn’t even begun. You still have your trip to the island of Mykonos.

At Icarus Jet charter we have curated a one of a kind trip in this luxurious H 130 T20 (the Year 2016) helicopter for your charter from Athens to Mykonos. At Athens, we can pick you up in Downtown at the only helipad, or you can drive to Athens Airport. Both choices are about your driving distance from the airport and the downtown helipad.

The H-130 T20 helicopter carries four passengers and four suitcases. The flight time from Athens to Mykonos is about 50 minutes. We can drop you to the following helipads in Mykonos-

Mykonos airport- (add 300 Euros extra)
Kalo Livadi

We have other helicopters curated for your travel too. Let us know your headcount, and we can help with the pricing.

Written By: Kevin Singh

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Passenger safety and privacy are top priorities at Icarus Jet. Please call our analysts to book your Helicopter charter today.

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