Ambulance Flights

Air medical transport comes in handy while transporting patients in recommended isolation. Private jets can reach remote areas incapable of advanced medical facilities and access locations without commercial airports nearby. Additionally, patients may opt to receive a tailored diet during the flight, aligning with their medical needs. Air ambulance charters are faster than road transport, saving critical golden time for patients with traumatic injuries. 

Which documents are required on an ambulance flight?

Documentation required for people traveling on emergency ambulance charters is more or less the same compared to regular charters. However, for a private jet flight transporting a deceased individual, the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Name of the Deceased
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Hospital Release Certificate
  4. Cause of Death
  5. Details of the Cargo Agent
  6. Hospital Clearance from the local hospital
  7. Cancelled Passport

Additionally, in case of a death caused by COVID, the Ministry of Health has to approve the transportation. On commercial airlines, the remains are embalmed, shrouded in a body bag, put in a casket, and then concealed within a crate. The procedure prevents anyone from knowing what is onboard. Unfortunately, private jets seldom have a cargo door large enough for a casket to fit in. It is recommended to preserve the remains and conceal them within a double body bag instead. After another layer of cocoon sealing, there is no threat of leaking body odor or harming the body.

Icarus Jet offers medical air ambulance services globally. Among the dozens of immunosuppressed patients that have traveled with us, Icarus has safely transported them all. The odds of living increase exponentially through air transport. For an emergency air ambulance, call +1 888 277 7203 to speak to our agents or email us at for further inquiries.

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