Discovering Greece: Exploring the Best Places with Helicopter Charter Service

Mar 2, 2023

Top places to visit in Greece

Greece is a country with a special vibe that attracts millions of travelers yearly and is one of the most visited nations in Europe and the world. Many reasons support the previous facts, and culture and mythology aside, the country has iconic cities and islands, stunning architecture, breathtaking views, and top-notch cuisine like no other place in the globe.  

With literally thousands of islands and islets, of which just over 200 are inhabited, Greece has the perfect morphology for a helicopter service to thrive as the perfect travel partner for visitors year-round. The flexibility and cost efficiency of a helicopter charter coped with its capability to land in remote places grants tourists the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world above the Cyclades islands or sightsee the uniqueness of Athens from the air. 

Why use a helicopter charter service for travel in Greece

Helicopters are a safe and reliable means of transportation for those seeking remote locations and spectacular views. With an efficient range of between 300 and 500 miles, helicopters allow tourists the possibility to discover various places in just one day – you can sightsee Athens during the morning and then fly to Mykonos in under an hour to explore its pristine beaches and natural beauty. 

In terms of popular destinations, Athens certainly leads the way thanks to its combination of ancient and modern, culture, and tradition. Especially in Greece’s capital, a helicopter charter is a great option to avoid the usual traffic of larger cities and truly enjoy the destination without wasting time. It’s impossible not to mention Mykonos and Santorini when highlighting Greece’s best locations – the popular islands in the Aegean Sea are a tourist magnet and using a helicopter charter service to get there is the best option. 

Crete and Rhodes should also be on the bucket list, each one offering a unique personality. Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea therefore it might take some time to discover all its wonders. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and is famous for its ancient ruins and beach resorts – a helicopter charter service will allow passengers to completely tailor their experience no matter which island they choose to explore.

How to choose a helicopter charter service in Greece 

Helicopter travel is safe, fast, and flexible. Whether chartering a single or twin-engine helicopter, passengers will be able to access remote locations and avoid traffic congestion during peak season. Greece’s morphology allows tourists to truly maximize the comfort of chartering a helicopter service because it unlocks hidden gems that aren’t accessible by other means of transportation.

Furthermore, with a wide universe of available helicopter models, passengers can choose from a variety of luxurious helicopters to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience or decide to charter a smaller model that will adapt to a tighter budget while still allowing them to enjoy the stunning aerial views of Greece’s landscapes and seascapes.

What to consider when choosing a helicopter charter service in Greece

While there are many helicopter charter companies in the market, an important trait to look for as a passenger before choosing a service is understanding the experience that a specific provider has in a region. When opting to charter a helicopter in Greece, companies like Icarus Jet enable travelers to rest assured that every detail will be professionally taken care of – a track record of seamless operations and established relationships with local authorities and travel vendors speaks volumes about a charter provider’s reputation in the field.

One of the most popular helicopter charter flights in Greece is from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini, with a flight time of around one hour to either island. Passengers can request a simple flight to the destination, usually a hotel or villa, or a helicopter tour to sightsee the beautiful volcanic islands in the middle of the Aegean Sea – a unique display of nature, history, and architecture.

Why charter a helicopter to explore Greece

Exploring Greece’s wonders by helicopter is truly the best decision when it comes to comfort, flexibility, and overall costs. Partnering with companies like Icarus Jet will accommodate travelers with ground transportation options to and from the airport and hotel while also granting the possibility to land on a remote beach to enjoy a memorable sunset with friends or family.

Whether it’s traveling to more popular destinations like Athens, Mykonos, or Rhodes or exploring other stunning places like Tinos, Naxos, Corfu, or Kalamata, choosing a trusted helicopter charter provider that knows the region and how to pair the right aircraft with customer needs while also understanding the imposing aeronautical limitations in the country – like only being able to operate with daylight – will guarantee a safe experience in one of the most coveted tourist locations in the world. Are you ready to explore it with the utmost comfort and flexibility? Our private charter team awaits to serve you.

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