Helicopter Charter to Paros

May 17, 2021

Paros island is located about 142 miles South East of Athens, and there are numerous ferries available from Athens to Paros with a varying travel time between 3 and 5 hours depending upon their stops to the Island of Paros. All the major airlines from around the World arrive at Athens international airport, and the journey onwards to the smaller Cyclades islands becomes cumbersome. Getting on a Ferry for 5 hours after a long journey on an airliner is not the most comfortable, and that’s why at Icarus Jet charter, we recommend the use of either a helicopter or the King Air B 200 for charter.

The island of Paros, Greece, has pristine beaches with sand the color of gold, and it is quieter and less crowded than the neighboring island of Mykonos. The Golden Beach, where the sand resembles the color of Gold, is an awe-striking, must-see beach. At Icarus Jet charter, we offer a luxurious ride on an AS355 helicopter from Athens to Paros.

Athens to Paros Jet Charter

Paros Airport is a very small domestic island airport in the Cyclades. The runway is so short that only Turboprop airliners and smaller private airplanes can utilize it. The airport does not have any Customs or Immigration clearance available, and that’s why no international flights can land directly at the airport. Besides the short runway, Paros airport does not have any availability of Jet-fuel, further complicating the private aircraft operations as the aircraft have to carry enough fuel for a round trip and reposition to the nearest Islands of Mykonos or back to Athens.

Icarus Jet has also curated a luxurious King Air B200 private plane which is one of the safest aircraft in the history of Beechcraft production. Because of the King Air B200 short field take-off and landing performances, it can easily carry eight passengers from Athens to Paros. This private flight from Athens to Paros is only 20 minutes of flight time and provides for an ample amount of relaxation after a long flight to Athens from your home.

Avoid the Hassle of a ferry from Athens to Paros

Vacations are supposed to be hassle-free and full of relaxation and fun and family times, but for this to happen, we have to reduce the time of the journey itself and more time on the beach soaking up the Sun.

If you choose the helicopter flight charter from Athens to Paros, you will be on the Island within 45 minutes or so, and you will land closer to your villa or hotel In Paros, which will further reduce your travel time. You can also choose the King Air B200 private airplane if you travel with more than six suitcases and carry-ons for six passengers or more.

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