Take in the Spectacular Views of Santorini with a Helicopter Flight from Athens

Feb 27, 2023

Experience an Unforgettable Journey By Choosing a Helicopter Ride From Athens to Santorini

Private helicopter tours to Santorini are a great way to experience one of the world’s most iconic islands. The helicopter flight from Athens lasts just over an hour on a safe and comfortable twin-engine or single-engine helicopter and passengers usually decide to check in their hotel and then resume the flight with a private helicopter tour to discover the breathtaking views of beautiful Santorini.

Especially during summer when the island is packed with tourists, a helicopter ride in Santorini is the best way to see all the landmarks of the island from above, with multicolored cliffs that dive into the Aegean Sea, iconic white Cycladic houses and its world-famous Santorini sunset. Whether it’s a romantic ride for two, family travel, or a team bonding event, chartering a sightseeing helicopter flight from Athens is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will allow passengers to truly witness one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Discover the Best Things to Do and See During Your Helicopter Tour From Athens to Santorini 

There are countless things to do in Santorini from Athens by air. For the most scenic views on the island, a recommended flight path is covering the Red and Black beaches, named after their volcanic sand, and the Santorini volcano (Nea Kameni) within the flooded Santorini caldera – genuinely one of the most exquisite volcanic landscapes in the world.

Passengers can also discover the Oia vineyards and village from above or just be amazed by the overall dramatic scenery. Santorini activities from Athens by helicopter are truly unlimited – there’s probably no other place in the world where passengers can capture a bird’s eye view of volcanic beaches and warm springs of an active crater, far-reaching vistas of the Greek isles, and picturesque, white-washed villages in only one helicopter tour. Santorini is just that special.

How Much Does it Cost To Take a Helicopter Ride From Athens to Santorini?

The cost of a private helicopter ride in Greece will vary mainly depending on the type of aircraft, whether it’s a twin-engine or single-engine helicopter, and the route. The 70-minute helicopter flight from Athens to Santorini on a small single-engine helicopter can vary between 2,500 and 3,000 USD, a very cost-efficient option when comparing the same route on a private jet charter. Furthermore, the helicopter grants passengers more flexibility while every step in the process is taken care of, from airport pick-up to a tailored tour in Santorini.

Amongst other considerations when asking how much a helicopter flight in Greece costs is acknowledging that there are operational limitations. Helicopter charters in Greece are only allowed to operate from sunrise to sunset while each helicopter will have luggage weight limitations. Experienced helicopter charter companies like Icarus Jet will provide all the needed details to passengers before takeoff while also arranging every detail for a seamless private air experience.

What Are the Different Companies Offering Helicopter Rides From Athens To Santorini?

While many companies are offering Greek islands charter helicopters, not every provider considers the full extent of the experience. Private helicopter providers like Icarus Jet are able to not only arrange helicopter tours with an experienced and qualified helicopter pilot but also have the capability to arrange a pickup and return at the passenger’s hotel or airport and ground transportation to a private helipad.

All these services are enabled thanks to established relationships with professional travel vendors in Santorini, which ultimately translates into the most efficient Athens to Santorini private flight from a rental cost perspective. Most importantly, these connections ensure that only the safest and most modern helicopters are offered to clients wanting to experience a memorable helicopter tour. 

Getting Ready for Your Trip – Tips & Advice Before You Take Off

Planning a helicopter trip to Santorini shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Partnering with the right helicopter charter company will allow passengers to reduce uncertainties while leaving in the hands of professionals all the arrangements of a safe and comfortable flight. An important consideration to know what to pack is the weight limitation of each helicopter, especially if takeoff is expected at full passenger capacity.

Icarus Jet will always ask passengers for the dimensions and weight of the luggage as well as the number of passengers and their weights. It is also highly advisable for passengers to arrive at the arranged time of departure, especially during summertime, as both Athens and Santorini airports experience heavy traffic during the peak travel season. The cancellation charges are 100% of the charter rates if canceled 72 hours before the departure.

Are you ready to experience a memorable helicopter tour in Santorini? You can book a flight now with Icarus Jet and secure the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective way of experiencing one of the most beautiful sightseeing destinations in the world.

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