Farnborough Airport

Jan 8, 2019

History of Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport documents the beginning of the conventional human air travel saga. In 1908, when the UK’s first engine flight took off from Farnborough Airport, the world of aviation was revolutionizing. Aiding the pioneering flights powered by mechanical propulsion is not the only commendable thing about FAB. The airport is also seen in some Hollywood films, including Inception and James Bond’s classics.

Farnborough Airport Terminals and Services

Farnborough’s terminal was modeled in 2006 and proceeded to win a ton of honors for the unique design. The architecture and interior are designed specifically for business jet passengers because the airport is only open for general aviation. It has private business lounges, gaming consoles, passenger showers, etc. FAB is also 40 miles away from London city center, connected through the M3 Motorway. Helicopter charter to London takes a quick 15 minutes from FAB. 

According to satisfied customer reviews, the FBO at Farnborough is credited to be the leading fixed-based operator service in the world. Fueling services are unlimited, with a recent introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for hybrid aircraft. The airport’s efforts for climate stability are further recognized by the availability of Tesla charging units in the car parking area.

Farnborough Airport Map

Farnborough Airport Information

Lat/LongLongest Hard Surface Runway (ft)
N51-16.5/W000-46.78,005 x 148, 06/24
Elevation (ft)Runway Surface
238Concrete Asphalt
Fuel Available
Current UTCLocal Standard Time
10:03:01 AM (0.00)10:03:01 AM

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