Geneva Airport

History of Geneva Airport

Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland. The Geneva International airport is located 3 miles from its city center. An accessible and convenient airport for General aviation traffic also serves as an airport for the Swiss Airlines Geneva JFK route. The Geneva airport was a small airport established in 1919. After the 2nd World War, the airport was expanded to accommodate the increasing traffic within Europe. Geneva airport is linked to the Swiss railway systems, which make it easier for the passengers to connect to the rest of the country via the train right from the airport. The airport has a very strict SLOT and PPR policy.

Geneva Airport Terminals

Geneva International airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is the main terminal (A B C D gates are located on the Swiss side, and gate F is on the French side), and terminal 2 is a seasonal terminal. The apron for the private jets and its facility are sometimes referred to as Terminal 3.

Geneva Airport Map

Information and restrictions Geneca Airport





Longest Hard Surface Runway (ft)


12795 x 164, 04/22

Elevation (ft)



Runway Surface



Fuel Available






Current UTC


3:47:26 AM (+1.00)

Local Standard Time


4:47:26 AM

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