The Ultimate Guide for Planning Your Next Luxury Travel: Private Jet Hire

Nov 3, 2022

Private Jets for Privacy

Traveling undisturbed by the boring hustle-bustle of airline flying is an adventure worth experiencing. Private jet hire is all about you, yourself, and the solace of the skies. Personal flights offer a chance to explore, learn, and feel safe while traveling. You can capture the moment in peace, free from the chaotic commotions of crowds. We all make plans, and private flights make it undeniably easier to pace personal schedules and add flexibility to luxury travel. To manage your time effectively and stick to your planned itinerary – renting a private aircraft is the answer. Be yourself in the comfort of your plane and spend the ride as meaningfully as you wish. No delays, no cramming, and no queues! 

How to get a Private Jet Hire in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Ah! The Emirates have long since been the bonanza for refined tastes and aviation indulgence. Private jet rental in Dubai is a common occurrence, with a variety of jets to choose from. Several charter companies cater to the market here due to the sheer demand for the service in the region. Icarus jet provides affordable rates within a reasonable range. All you have to do is decide on a few things to get started!

Pick a destination first. We can select the most appropriate location for your landing by ensuring the airports’ proximity to the hotels, parking availability, and distance from your intended stop. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the most preferred choice for VIP jet travelers. It is equipped with state-of-art amenities to allow accommodation for polished dispositions. The general aviation terminal has an entire facility range suited to the needs of private passengers. Another international port of entry is the Sharjah business terminal (SHJ) which may work as an alternative. Besides those, there are tons of local airports that may suit the requirements of some passengers. 

Choose your aircraft next. The considerations required here include the number of passengers, your preference, your destination, and your budget. Light jets are among the more economical offerings, yet they may restrict your baggage or headcount. If you plan to travel with a lot of luggage and prefer some room for movement within the cabin, then you need to upgrade to at least a mid-size plane. However, if you’re cruising with a party of people, they may not fit in any of those two jet types! A super-midsize or heavy jet will usually have more than seven seats. So, check for accommodation and luggage capacity before deciding which plane to rent. 

Last but not least – check for safety ratings of the planes. Icarus Jet only operates aircraft that have been audited and certified under Wyvern and ARGUS. Both organizations are notable names in the aviation industry that offer credible services to ensure secure maintenance of planes responsible for carrying so many lives daily. Safety is a natural concern when flying, and we promise to provide the most reliable vehicles for your airplane ride.

What is the cost of hiring a private jet to the UAE?

The prices for jet charter to Dubai are listed separately. The charges for charters are based on an hourly rate for renting the aircraft, indicating that the flight time between two locations is a crucial factor in determining the price of the hire. Other charges added to the aggregate include the cost of enlisting and accommodating crew members, tax payments, and aviation fuel. 

Jet Charter travel in Dubai

The cost estimates for one-way Dubai trips to the closest stops in Muscat start at 10,000 USD to 50,000 USD in London. As continents are crossed, the prices begin to climb. We can fly you beyond only a few popular destinations in Oman and the UK, so make sure to call +1 888 277 7203 or email us at to find out more. 

Private Jet Hire Etiquette and Tips for Flying in Style

Once your charter quote to Dubai is processed, it is wise to follow the luxury travel protocol. Be punctual. Punctuality ensures that schedules don’t mess up at the other end, where several bookings have already been made for your arrival. The luggage is loaded on board, and the FBOs are arranged for a specific time. Several hands are involved in trying to make the flight as successful as possible. So, timings must be adhered to once decided. 

There are other points to know as well. Before bringing controversial material on the flight, it is best to check with us for the rules that exist for transporting such goods. Additionally, maintain respect for the seating and the equipment inside the plane. And finally, don’t forget your IDs! Our agents will provide a list of the required documents so that your flight journey begins smoothly. Happy flying!

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