The Complete Guide to Private Jet Charters in Cairo

Jan 9, 2023

Introduction: Why Aren’t You Flying on a Private Jet

A private jet charter allows passengers to unlock remote locations unreachable by other means of transportation. The wide variety of available aircraft and the flexibility to depart and land at almost any runway in the world is the main trait that the industry brings to the table. The private aviation industry has witnessed an increase in demand during the past year thanks to a combination of reliability and commercial aviation’s inefficiencies – mainly staff shortages at airports and a lack of pilots.

Private jet charter prices vary depending on the route and size of the aircraft. Longer routes usually require a larger jet and more fuel to cover the distance, while transatlantic flights might demand an extra pilot to operate the aircraft, thus increasing the overall cost of a private jet. Other tailor-made options like specific inflight amenities, ground transportation, and the service of a flight attendant will add to the final price.

Why Choose Private Jet Charter Cairo? 

Cairo is the largest city in Africa and is best known for the Pyramids of Giza and the flowing waters of the Nile River, making it a truly unique place to visit. Visitors that travel by private jet to Cairo will also be amazed by the largest surviving statue of the ancient world – the Great Sphinx, located roughly a half-hour drive west of Cairo. The city is also globally renowned for its Oasis Restaurants and Entertainment venue, officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest food court on earth, packed with restaurants and cafes. 

The main airports for a private charter to Egypt’s capital are Cairo International Airport, which receives the vast majority of domestic and international commercial and private flights, and the newly inaugurated Sphinx International Airport, which is the go-to option for private charter passengers who want to avoid the hassle of the city’s main terminal – from a ground transportation and air traffic standpoint. Sphinx International is mostly used for general aviation purposes while also being conveniently located near downtown Cairo.

How to Find the Perfect Private Jet for Your Vacation Needs

Finding the best company for private jet travel is a key component of the overall charter experience. While many companies offer flights to Africa and Cairo specifically, not every private charter provider has a team established in Egypt’s capital like Icarus Jet, with the expertise to acquire all the needed landing rights and overflight permits to operate in the city. Ultimately, passengers will only need to worry to enjoy their business or leisure travel to one of the most fascinating capitals in the world.

Find the Perfect Private Jet for Your Vacation Needs

Whether travelers are seeking the best private jets for business travel or leisure purposes, the private charter company’s responsibility is to pair the best available aircraft to the travel needs of each customer. The number of passengers will ultimately define the type of aircraft required for a certain flight, whether light, medium, or large-sized aircraft. Private aviation offers a wide universe of available jets to accommodate each specific request, from the duration of the flight, the number of passengers, and, most importantly, the travel budget.

Top 5 Reasons to Fly with a Private Jet Over Commercial Airlines

The rising global private aviation demand is an outcome of a comprehensive service that places the passenger as the focal point of the travel experience, allowing to fully customize all the aspects of the private charter process. Amongst the top five reasons to choose a private flight over a commercial airline are flexibility, time efficiency, comfort, reliability, and utmost privacy – a handful of standard traits that every private flight around the world will deliver to its passengers. 

The same cannot be said about commercial aviation, as its inability to meet customer expectations is growing due to externalities such as staff shortages, lack of pilots, and proper overall infrastructure, which adds more stress and time to the entire travel experience. In contrast, a luxury flight service can avoid massively concurred terminals and allow passengers to embark in private lounges just steps away from a waiting private jet.

A luxury flight planner will guide private jet customers throughout the process of chartering their jet and determining the best aircraft, route, and airport at the destination. Luxury flights consider 24/7 services and guidance from dedicated professionals before, during, and after the flight, enabling customers to arrange every detail of their travel experience. Choosing the right private charter company with an experienced team and an unparalleled track record of operations in the country of destination will be the difference between an average and superior private jet experience.

For private flights to Cairo, the Icarus Jet team will add the local touch to your flight and allow you and your travel group to only worry about enjoying the travel experience. Charter a flight today and fly beyond the popular destinations by calling +1 888 277 7203 or emailing us at to find out more on how to charter a private jet.

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