How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?

Jul 21, 2023

Choosing the right private jet for your travel needs

It is often said in private aviation that there’s always an aircraft that will adapt to the needs of the passengers, whether that’s concerning the type of route, size of aircraft, number of travelers, and type of in-flight amenities needed to cover the basic demands. From a customer perspective, understanding the variables that define the price of chartering a private jet is the first step in the process of taking a defining decision for a seamless travel experience.

Along those lines, choosing to partner with the right private jet provider will enable passengers to access a wide variety of certified aircraft and have a transparent response to the commonly asked ‘how much does it cost to rent a private jet’ question. We will explore in subsequent paragraphs the specific associated costs of chartering a private jet, highlighting the importance of trusting only certified private jet providers along the process.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Prices will vary depending on aircraft size and the type of route. For instance, on a light jet covering one of the top domestic routes in the U.S., Dallas to Teterboro, a one-way flight can cost up to $16,300, while Dallas to Palm Beach on the same aircraft can cost $20,850. For international routes on a super-midsize jet, the price can climb up to $105,000 when connecting two cities like Washington D.C., and London.

From a company perspective, there are a wide variety of moving pieces and costs to account for in a normal private jet operation, from shifting fuel costs, crew salaries, aircraft insurance and depreciation, ground handling, and overflight fees, among others, which are all factored in the final price that is offered to private jet customers. Yet the main factors that will define the overall cost of a private jet charter are the size of the aircraft and the type of route.

Furthermore, operational costs will increase with the size of each private jet. For instance, the average cost of a light private jet can be even thousands of dollars less per hour compared to a heavy jet, while going the distance in roughly the same amount of time. Turboprops, on the other hand, are the most cost-efficient segment in private aviation and are very popular for shorter routes and to reach remote locations that have runway restraints although by no means are an option for international routes. 

Again, the professional advice of a certified private jet provider is a key component to finding the right private jet for a passenger’s specific travel needs. We have prepared below a table with the average costs for popular one-way domestic and international routes using a light jet with Icarus Jet, except for the Washington D.C. – London route which requires a super midsized jet to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

U.S. DomesticInternational
Chicago – New York: $16,300
Colorado – Destin: $21,700
Dallas – Teterboro: $32,500
Dallas – Las Vegas: $23,500
Dallas – Houston: $10,400
Dallas – Palm Beach: $20,850
Dallas – Miami: $19,000
Dallas – Austin: $12,000
Dallas – San Jose del Cabo: $21,700
Washington Dulles – London: $105,000 (Super midsize jet)
Miami – Nassau: $9,000
Chicago – Nassau: $17,800
Dallas- Toronto: $23,800
Miami – Toronto: $19,700

Types of private jets for charter

Selecting the right private jet is crucial to ensuring a seamless and comfortable travel experience. When considering private jet options, it’s essential to evaluate factors such as size, safety, and cost. By carefully analyzing these aspects, travelers can make an informed decision that aligns with their itinerary, desired comfort level, and budget. This guide provides insights into the selection process, comparing turboprops, light jets, and mid-range to long-haul private jets.

When deciding between a turboprop and a light jet, several considerations come into play. Turboprops, which are typically larger and more fuel-efficient than piston-powered aircraft, offer lower operating costs and are suitable for trips covering 600-1,000 miles. They are a great option for accessing destinations with shorter runways or exclusive private resorts. Popular turboprop models include the Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Grand Caravan, TBM 960, and King Air 360. On the other hand, light jets offer faster speeds, higher altitudes, and a quieter cabin experience. They are ideal for regional flights and getaways, combining the advantages of smaller aircraft with an improved range. 

The Embraer Phenom 300, Citation Excel, and Hawker 400XP are all great light jet options.

For longer trips and increased passenger capacity, mid-size, super-midsize, heavy, and ultra-long-range jets provide a range of options. Mid-size jets, such as the Cessna Citation Latitude, offer comfortable cabin space and can travel nonstop across the country. Super-midsize jets, like the Cessna Citation Sovereign and Bombardier Challenger 350, provide extended range and enhanced seating capacity. When intercontinental travel is required, heavy and ultra-long-range jets offer spacious cabins and superior amenities. Examples include the Dassault Falcon 6X and the upcoming Gulfstream G700, both capable of covering vast distances without compromising on luxury.

Crew’s Trivia: What’s the approximate range of a Phenom 300 in nautical miles?

  1. 3,500 nm
  2. 2,000 nm
  3. 1,5000 nm
  4. 4,000 nm
  5. 5,000 nm

Private jet charter safety and cost transparency

Safety is paramount when selecting a private jet. Partnering with a reputable brokerage firm ensures that only the most reliable operators are chosen, adhering to stringent safety standards such as the ARGUS audit rating. Icarus Jet, for instance, exclusively collaborates with top-rated operators and highly trained pilots. Moreover, cost transparency is a key consideration – a reliable private jet provider offers pricing options tailored to the client’s requirements, optimizing affordability through streamlined processes and route structuring practices.

Icarus Jet stands as a modernized private jet company, committed to meeting the unique travel needs of its clients – by offering a range of aircraft types, prioritizing safety, and ensuring cost-effectiveness, it delivers a seamless and personalized private jet experience. 

Selecting the right private jet involves considering factors such as size, safety, and cost. By carefully evaluating options like turboprops, light jets, and mid-range to long-haul private jets, travelers can align their choice with their specific travel needs. Partnering with a reputable private jet provider, such as Icarus Jet, guarantees access to top-rated operators, optimized pricing, and a tailored, modernized private jet experience.

Buying versus chartering: How much does it cost to have a private jet?

Every now and then we see celebrities like Kim Kardashian hop on to their private jets and create Instagram stories showing all the luxurious amenities. Well, private jet ownership has long been associated with prestige and success, however, potential buyers need to consider the financial implications before making such a significant investment. While purchasing a private jet may be a dream for many, the costs involved extend far beyond the initial price tag. 

Mid-size jets can range from $15 to $20 million in cost, setting in motion a series of additional expenses. These expenses include insurance, a flight crew, maintenance programs, FBO fees (such as hangarage, fuel, and flight dispatch), and the depreciation of the aircraft. These ongoing costs transform owning a private jet into a significant financial commitment akin to running a separate business.

The decision to purchase a private jet may be justified by the potential increase in business opportunities and enhanced flexibility it provides. However, it’s important to assess how much time will be spent in the air.

#DidYouKnow that owning an aircraft becomes financially viable when operating it for approximately 200 to 400 hours per year? Anything less than that, and the investment begins to appear increasingly unprofitable.

For those flying fewer hours, private jet charter companies like Icarus Jet offer an alternative that maintains flexibility, comfort, and luxury. Charter firms provide unparalleled flexibility, as clients can select different aircraft for each route, maximizing value and avoiding overspending on a specific type of jet that may not be necessary. This approach allows for tailored solutions that meet individual travel requirements.

Private jet charter companies take care of various expenses associated with aircraft ownership, including insurance, crew, maintenance, and FBO fees. Clients pay a portion of these costs for each route, but they are managed by the charter company, alleviating the burden on the individual owner. This approach ensures cost-efficiency while maintaining the benefits of private jet travel.

Conclusion: How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Charter companies offer a diverse pool of aircraft for short, medium, and long-range flights, allowing for optimal pairing between aircraft and routes. This results in improved cost-efficiency and time management. Moreover, chartering a plane provides safety benefits, as the company selects aircraft suitable for specific runways and operating conditions, minimizing potential risks.

Today, even private jet owners are embracing the trend of on-demand charter for specific routes. This approach offers cost savings by avoiding overpayment for short trips on larger jets. It also ensures time efficiency by utilizing charter companies’ extensive knowledge of flight times and aircraft performance for specific routes. Furthermore, chartering allows for aircraft selection based on safety requirements and runway constraints.

While owning a private jet undoubtedly displays a unique vibe, the financial realities behind ownership are substantial. Increasingly, individuals and companies are recognizing the benefits of on-demand charters as a more cost-effective and efficient option. By leveraging charter services, travelers can enjoy the benefits of private jet travel without the burdensome costs and responsibilities of ownership. Ultimately, the decision between ownership and charter comes down to weighing the financial implications and aligning them with individual travel needs.


How much do private jet flights usually cost?

This will depend on the size and type of the aircraft and route, among other variables. A domestic one-way private jet flight between Dallas – Miami can cost approximately $19,000 on a light jet, while a flight between Washington Dulles and London can cost up to $105,000 on a super-midsize jet.

How much is Kim Kardashian’s private jet?

Kim Kardashian is the owner of a Gulfstream G650 rumored to be a one-of-a-kind aircraft worth US$150 million. She’s not the only member of the Kardashian – Jenner family to own a private jet, as Kylie Jenner bought one in 2020, and is worth US$72 million.

The listed price for a new G650 is US$65 million and used aircraft are currently listed starting at US$39 million.

Is it cheaper to fly first class or charter a private jet?

It depends. If you consider that you can divide the entire cost of a private jet charter between all the passengers, then the overall cost of each seat is very similar, even lower in some cases, to a commercial first-class ticket.

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