How to Charter a Plane with the Best Aviation Company

Nov 21, 2022

Private aviation demand has spiked to historic levels during the past three years while bringing in an influx of first-time private jet flyers that are new to the business and the best practices of how to charter the best plane for a flight. From tailored services to dedicated advice on how to maximize the overall private jet experience, a private charter company will provide customized solutions adapted to each passenger’s needs, whether they’re searching for a one-way charter flight or long-term relationship. 

In essence, there’s no right or wrong when chartering an aircraft because there are many ways to fly private. The key question is – which one is the best for you? An aviation company will play an instrumental role in accounting for all the variables while allowing you to enjoy a seamless private jet experience. 

The Benefits of Fractional Ownership Programs and Jet Charters

Fractional ownership is a creative solution by private jet charter providers that allows passengers to own an aircraft without absorbing all the associated costs. Companies that offer this fractional jet option sell a specific type of aircraft to multiple owners, while splitting the acquisition and management costs between them. 

With fractional jet ownership, passengers can also benefit from flying the same aircraft or aircraft type, while also customizing how much of the fractional aircraft they want to own depending on the amount of time spent in the sky.

Jet Charter Services – What is it?

Private charter jets provide unparalleled flexibility and comfort to any passenger searching for a domestic or international flight. Of all the services in the industry, a charter flight is completely tailored to the needs of each client – from aircraft selection, route, and inflight amenities. Often called on-demand private jet charters, each company will accommodate the perfect aircraft to each route, with safety as the main driver behind each flight. 

What is a private flight and what to expect? From booking to landing, passengers will control to a large extent their travel experience, arriving just minutes prior to departure to the private jet terminal. Inflight amenities are also fully tailored to each flight, as well as the landing location – private charters can operate in smaller runways that are closer to the destination, thus avoiding additional ground transportation expenses and massively concurred airports.

How To Select The Best Aircraft

There is a right aircraft for every route. That is no understatement and therefore every private aviation company should take pride in pairing the perfect aircraft with their client’s travel needs. The precise airplane charter selection will maximize costs and always keep safety as the main priority, as the operating conditions of each runway need to be accounted in this process.

Furthermore, choosing the appropriate aircraft can also reduce overall costs – for flights under two hours it’s advisable to charter a turboprop or a very light jet, instead of a light or mid-sized jet. While it may read as a subtle difference, costs between each segment can vary considerably due to operating costs. The role of the private aircraft provider is therefore to help passengers choose the most suitable aircraft for their flight.

Complimentary Amenities Provided On Private Aircraft Charters

While many unique variables are part of a private jet flight, in-flight amenities can help take the overall experience to a whole new level and completely set it apart from a commercial flight. While standard amenity kits on jets are usually high-quality branded sleep, dental and shaving bags for each passenger, customers can also arrange a personal flight attendant or special meals to meet detailed dietary requirements, making the sky the limit regarding how to experience a private jet flight.

In-flight entertainment on jets also allows passengers to enjoy a unique flight, with most aircraft fully equipped with Wi-Fi and modern screens to watch movies, news or sports, and business devices to maximize the time on-board. Some larger aircraft are also equipped with dedicated bedrooms, full-service kitchens and even conference rooms, while smaller aircraft usually will have fully equipped bathrooms and offer a club seating arrangement to maximize working hours in the air.

The Difference Between Private Jets And Commercial Planes

The differences throughout the entire travel experience between private and commercial aviation continue at the aircraft level. For starters, private jets come in many different shapes, sizes, and manufacturers, a much more diverse group than the usual Boeing, Airbus and Embraer commercial planes that are usually spotted at airports. While smaller private jets have limited range, larger heavy jets can go the distance and fly as high, long, and even faster than the largest commercial aircraft, as you can see in the air travel comparison chart below.

From a range perspective, a Gulfstream G650ER can fly over 8,500 miles at Mach 0.85, connecting Singapore to Las Vegas in a nonstop flight of over 15 hours. That’s impressive and nothing short to the longest range of larger commercial aircraft as described below in the air travel miles chart. Moreover, another difference between both types of aircraft is the diverse purpose they serve, with private jets also able to perform medical and humanitarian flights, while allowing passengers to operate freely throughout the cabin when it is safe to do so. 

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