How to Select a Private Jet Charter Company

Jun 5, 2015

As the pace of your life accelerates, it’s clearly noticed that the time is becoming too important to spend waiting in airports, especially when you have scheduled your important meetings which is to be postponed just because of delayed flights. You begin thinking about private jet charter a faster, easier and more customized way for any voyage. Thus with every passing year the growth and number of business, chartering private jets are increasing. While on one hand with number choices on the other side it becomes difficult to select which service would suit?

Suppose you need private jets hired from London then consider what all quality services you will check, what all customer services will be required and even check the estimate cost you need your trip to be planned. This guide will help you to know what quality service you need to check when you are selecting a private jet from London or any other place.

1. Spot out the Right Charter Broker or Operator

Hunt for a correct Charter Broker via search engines or check the local Yellow Pages to select a right operator. However, you won’t get any information about their reputation or quality, other than the company’s advertisement. Other than search engines you can refer some specific directories where you can look for FAA authorized charter operators like Icsrus Jet, along with operators you can even access their location and variety of aircrafts they offer.

2. Recognize the Fake brokers

There are numerous fake brokers who portray as such, as if they have many aircraft, but in reality they serve in a limited capacity like a travel agent.

3. Prefer FAA Brokers

Charter brokers are not FAA authorized, and do not have any aircraft under their control. If you like the idea of using a travel agent, keep in mind that a quality FAA authorized operator can access a jet anywhere in the world just like a broker.

4. Authenticate the Charter Company

The next pace is verifying the charters company advertising through official documentation. If you are spending a bomb on your journey, it’s quite natural that you would want to hire a private jet from a company which is highly rated, verified and recommended.

5. Visit the Company

Visit the company, and check their facility, talk to people there and know about the quality of aircraft and level of service you can expect from the charter company.

6. Select an Aircraft

Often, charter companies provide pictures of an aircraft for your trip, but that pictures are deceiving. What we recommend is to view it personally and even ask for the insurance policy as insurance levels vary.

7. Check up on your Pilot

Check whether the providers standards are for minimum pilot hours, as different jet types require different pilot hours. Once you are done with an aircraft selection, verify that the assigned pilot has the required number of pilot hours on that type of craft.

8. Verify Safety Measures

It’s important to check the safety and security taken by a particular private jet company or specific company you have in mind. Companies have information pertaining to their safety policies on their website. Perform a standard internet search about the company.

9. Compare Cost

Since travelling by private jet is not that cheap, its always good to compare the rates of various chartering companies, and select the best offer. You should even confirm your final expense of your needs, and make sure you should get a clear quote, not a vague estimate that leaves room for surprises on the final invoice. Yes, certain things such as catering, ground transportation, and flight phone usage are not known before the flight, but everything else should be a firm quote so you are not surprised by the final billing.

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