Icarus Introduces our Second Learjet 35A in Athens

May 10, 2018

Icarus Jet is proud to introduce our new addition to our private jet charter fleet. Now available out of Athens (LGAV) we are offering our two Learjet 35A’s. Summertime is just around the corner and demand for private jet charter in the Greek Islands and the Mediterranean is skyrocketing.

With our 2 Lear 35A’s based out of Athens, we have extensive capability to service all your private jet charter needs in the area. Our experience and reliability, coupled with our incredibly competitive prices make us the go-to firm when planning your Greek Island trips this summer.

For a better look at our aircraft please view the photos below. For all private jet charter requests please do not hesitate to contact us. At Icarus Jet we are available 24/7/365 and we will take you everywhere.

Athens Jet charter rates

  • Athens-Mykonos OR Mykonos-Athens: EUR 3.750,00
  • Athens-Santorini OR Santorini-Athens: EUR 4.150,00
  • Athens-Heraklion OR Heraklion-Athens: EUR 4.500,00
  • Athens-Thessaloniki OR Thessaloniki-Athens: EUR 5.000,00
  • Athens-Corfu OR Corfu-Athens: EUR 5.200,00
  • Athens-Rhodes OR Rhodes-Athens: EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Aktion OR Aktion-Athens: EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Kavala OR Kavala-Athens: EUR 5.000,00
  • Athens-Kefalonia OR Kefalonia-Athens: EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Zante OR Zante-Athens: EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Chania OR Chania-Athens: EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Samos OR Samos-Athens: EUR 4.700,00
  • Athens-Mytilini OR Mytilini-Athens: EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Kos OR Kos-Athens: EUR 4.700,00
  • Athens-Karpathos OR Karpathos-Athens: EUR 4.600,00
  • Athens-Kalamata OR Kalamata-Athens: EUR 4.600,00
  • Athens-Ioannina OR Ioannina-Athens: EUR 4.800,00

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