Icarus Jet Introduces our Citation Sovereign now available from Nairobi

Icarus Jet is proud to introduce another Citation Sovereign to our private jet charter fleet, immediately available from Nairobi, Kenya (HKJK).

With the introduction of our new Citation Sovereign in Nairobi, Icarus Jet has solidified itself as one of the most capable, experienced, and competitive private jet charter firms in Africa and the Middle East. Our beautiful Sovereign is capable of carrying 9 passengers, including a flight attendant and VIP catering with each flight. With a direct flight range of 6.5 hours, we can get you to any destination efficiently. In addition to private jet charter, our Citation Sovereign is equipped with air ambulance capabilities as well.

For any and all private jet charter and air ambulance requests, contact us at Icarus Jet. We are available 24/7/365 and offer the most competitive and efficient service in the region. At Icarus Jet, we will take you everywhere.

Private Jet Charter Rates from Nairobi:

  • Nairobi-Cairo: $57,000
  • Nairobi-Dubai: $57,000
  • Nairobi-Seychelles: $35,000
  • Nairobi-Cape Town: $63,000
  • Nairobi-Dar Es Salaam: $12,000

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