Private Jet Charter Dallas Rates

When it comes to private jet charter, Dallas is a major hub. Yet, when it comes to deciding on which private jet charter service to use, the process can become a little overwhelming. It’s important to have a connection in the industry that you can trust to provide the best private jet charter services and jet charter rates in Dallas. Since 2011 Icarus Jet has established such a relationship with multiple vendors and clients in Dallas. Private jet charter in Dallas is a smooth process when Icarus Jet is at the helm and it is our mission to provide our clients with safe, quality, and reliable aircraft at the most cost-effective private jet charter rates in the Dallas area.

9-14 Seater Private Jets Available From Dallas (G550, global 6000, CL-605)

Dallas – Houston: $7,000
Dallas – San Antonio: $7,000
Dallas – Miami: $16,000

Global 6000 – 13 passengers, 6000 nm range, 564 mph cruise speed, baggage compartment 195 cu ft

Private Jet Charter Dallas Rates

Gulfstream 550 – 14 passengers, 6750 nm range, 562 mph cruise speed, baggage compartment 170 cu ft

Challenger 605 – 9 passengers, 4000 nm range, 528 mph cruise speed, baggage compartment 115 cu ft

Private Jet Charter Dallas Rates

Icarus Jet Charter Capabilities Out Of Dallas

Icarus Jet is an Argus registered private jet charter brokerage firm based in Dallas, Texas. Since 2011 we have been performing charter operations in the United States and internationally and have established a reputation of expertise, efficiency, and cost-effective jet charter rates within the private jet charter industry in Dallas and abroad. Contact us for all of your private jet charter inquiries. At Icarus Jet we mean it when we say “We Will Take You Everywhere”.

Written By: Kevin Singh

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