Private Jet Charter to The Masters for Pro Golf

Feb 6, 2024

Golf has been a staple in elite circles for generations, boasting a rich history in professional play. However, as Tiger Woods himself attests, the sport poses a formidable challenge even for the most elite players. Interestingly, around 66% of golf viewership consists of men, with a notable 52% of them earning an annual income exceeding $100K. Surprisingly, only 20% of Generation Z enjoys the sport, underscoring the sport’s enduring popularity among older generations. 

Many pro golfers own small aircraft or charter private jets for golf events worldwide. It’s public knowledge that the Australian golfer Adam Scott opts for a Gulfstream G450, and Tiger Woods travels on a Gulfstream G550, while Rory McIlroy flies on his Bombardier Challenger 605. The 2011 Masters champion Charl Schwartzel even knows how to fly his own Bell 206 jet.

The Masters isn’t all about the tournament days. The event spans a festive feast for the winners, an opening shot that commences the ceremony, and an exciting short-hole challenge before the playing tournament days. Since the 1930s, the golfing event has gained recognition from three major golf tour leagues. It is also popular among sporting events to award a green jacket to the champion for 70 years. The Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia annually hosts these talented athletes from different nations.

What Is the Timeline of The Masters 2024?

Masters week spans seven days, showcasing the crème de la crème of golf professionals. In 2024, Masters Week is slated from the 8th to the 14th of April, offering various events at Augusta National Club.

  • 8th to 9th April: Witness the Practice Rounds where pros fine-tune their game. Cameras are allowed, providing a unique opportunity to capture candid moments.
  • 10th April: This is the day of the Par 3 contest on a separate 9-hole course, a tradition where players often have family members caddy. 
  • 11th April: The First Tournament Round kicks off at 8 am.
  • 12th April: The Second Tournament Round begins at 8 am, narrowing down the competition after Friday’s play to the top 50 scores.
  • 13th April: The Third Round starts at 10 am, with tee-off orders based on players’ scores. 
  • 14th April: The tournament concludes with the Fourth Round and leaders beginning around 2:30 pm, followed by the green jacket ceremony.

What Are the Prices for a Private Jet Charter to Augusta?

Here are a few price estimates from popular pickup points. This specific cost of the private jet charter to Augusta is standardized for a light aircraft.

  • Dallas to Augusta: $17,950.
  • Los Angeles to Augusta: $34,500.
  • Newark, NJ to Augusta: $19,000.
  • Miami to Augusta: $17,800.
  • Paris to Augusta: $110,000 (Heavy jet).

For personalized pickup points and jet charter from your location, call our agents at +1 888 277 7203 or email your route specifications to

Why is Flying On a Private Jet for Golf Beneficial?

In 2018, Gonzalez Fernandez-Castano reminded us how he had traveled 113,235 miles a year, costing him 266 hours in the air. Meanwhile, Gary Player has been on record stating how he has traveled 15 million air miles in his long career. With private jet travel, athletes can reclaim a few hours per trip – which cuts down their annual hours and saves time for other things. Private jet charters for golf enhance physical well-being and position golfers at the pinnacle of their field, fostering valuable networking opportunities. Private jets replace commercial flying’s health risks, offering a controlled, stress-free environment. Golfers save time and prioritize well-being, boosting their success on the green.

Golf Jet Charter Essentials

Before embarking on a golf trip via private jet charter, familiarize yourself with essential rules and regulations for the Masters. Unauthorized items like sports shoes with spikes and carrying bags larger than 10x10x12 inches are forbidden. Autograph seeking is limited to specific areas, such as the Tournament Practice Area and the Par 3 course during the Par 3 Contest. Be mindful that animals or pets are not allowed inside unless for impairment purposes. If you’re traveling with golf equipment, it’s always a good idea to make sure there’s enough room in the luggage compartment of your private jet to accommodate it. 

Private Jet Airports Near Augusta National Club

The Augusta Regional Airport is only 13 miles off the course, easily accessible by car in 20 minutes. For a small airport like Augusta Regional, the week scheduled for the Masters presents no less than Super Bowl passenger traffic. According to the airport’s team, around 1550 business jets landed on the airfield in April 2023. There is no landing fee for aircraft up to 12,500 MLW at Augusta Regional. 

The overabundance of planes at the small airport presents a logistical challenge – finding adequate parking accommodation becomes an issue. Please keep in mind that once the main ramp of the airport is completely occupied, the shorter runway has to be closed down, and the airport staff has to park jets along it. So, there are arrangements for overflow parking at nearby airports. Here are some alternate options:

  1. DANIEL FIELD AIRPORT: Situated only 6 miles from the golf club, this private jet airport is conveniently reachable with a quick 12-minute drive. The airport is the foremost choice as an alternate airfield due to its proximity to the Augusta Club. 
  2. THOMAS MCDUFFIE REGIONAL AIRPORT: Located 31 miles from the Master’s venue, with a drive time of 35 minutes, is the McDuffie County Airport. The expenses associated with utilizing this airport are lower in this location due to minimal taxation rates. Furthermore, it is the most extensive general aviation airport among the 18 counties spanning Georgia and South Carolina.
  3. AIKEN MUNICIPAL AIRPORT: 27 miles from Augusta Field, the airport locally caters to South Carolina – 30 minutes away. It caters to specific general aviation traffic only. 

Private Jet Charter to Augusta, Georgia

Icarus Jet offers aviation services to several global destinations, including Augusta jet charters as one of our specialized offerings. Experience top-notch air travel with our jet charters for golf all around the globe. 

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