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Private Jet travel is considered a luxury, but did you know that most people who can afford private travel are only using it for saving their most important commodity? That commodity is time. We all know about the hassles of traveling by the airlines, but it doesn’t make airline travel bad in comparison to the private jet charter. There are times when a business class or a first class ticket is more economical than a whole last minute jet charter.

Privet jet charters out of Dallas and Fort Worth are available on every size of aircraft. There are two major airports serving the Metroplex. Dallas Love Field and Fort Worth Meacham Airport. Both of the airports handle private jet charter and airline traffic on a 24-hour basis.

Aircraft rates on flight time and per hour basis-

The aircraft rates vary by their size and range. There are many factors that determine the total charter rate for a round trip or a one-way charter. But let’s look at some of the simple rates available online.

  • VLJ or a very light jet ( Citation Mustang)– 1500 USD per hour
  • Light Jets (Hawker 400XP)– 2000 USD per hour
  • Super light jets (Phenom 100) – 2200 USD per hour
  • Mid Size Jets ( Gulfstream 200)– 3000 USD per hour
  • Super mid-size ( Challenger 300)– 4500 USD per hour
  • Heavy Jet (Gulfstream 550)– 7500 USD per hour.

Written by: Kevin Singh

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