Private Jet to the MotoGP Event 2022: Guide to Get You There Faster

Sep 1, 2022

What is MotoGP?

The 14th Grand Prix Motorcycle Championships 2022 are scheduled between 2nd and 4th September this year. The motorcycle racing event started in 1949 as the earliest form of any motorsport championship. Riders from around the globe will race against each other in San Marino’s circuit. It is one of the best circuits worldwide. The airports in the city will predictably overcrowd with fans flocking to watch the tournament. 

How to Book a Private Jet to San Marino in 3 Steps

After you give us a call, there are just three points that will affect the booking.


The passengers onboard are one factor that determines the type of aircraft we offer to you. Light jets can seat up to an average of 6 people with minimal space for movement. Small jet charters also leave little room for baggage. A mid-size cabin can accommodate more room to relax and stretch. It depends on how the passengers prefer legroom. Midsize jet charter can accommodate around 7 individuals with plenty of space for luggage. 

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Private Jet Charter Cost

Hourly rates for business jet leasing fall under brackets based on the aircraft type and range. Small aircraft cost around $3000 per hour, while the cost of a midsize jet charter averages $4000. For large jets, the cost climbs over $6000. Your budget decides which plan to rent from among the different plane types. For further quotes, please call us at +1 888 277 7203.

Airport Locations

Airports closest to the passengers are used as the pick-up point. However, alternates are easily requestable. The motorcycle racing event is going to affect parking and slots in San Marino. The Federico Fellini International Airport is the closest destination airport to the city, with the car drive extending up to an hour. 

Aircraft parking spaces inside the facility are limited, so grab your trip support to San Marino now. Marche Airport is a close alternate, an hour and a half away from downtown. Negotiating parking stands at Ciampino and Peretola Airports is also possible, pertaining to availability. However, these airports are much farther away from the location of the racing event. 

Why Should I Charter a Jet to San Marino?

Private air travel is more effective than any mode of transportation! Among thousands of enthusiastic visitors, VIP travel ensures that time is only spent on enjoying the championship itself. Commercial flights cause delays and present restrictive scheduling. Arrive at the MotoGP Championships at your own pace and depart in style. 

Private Jet Charter to Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing 2022

The MotoGP Event 2022 will continue at six more circuit locations covering Japan, Thailand, and Australia. Icarus Jet charters private planes to motorcycle racing championships worldwide. Additionally, we provide trip support with guaranteed parking and permits to all locations. As luxury flight planners, we promise comfort and safety throughout the flight. Call us at +1 888 277 7203 or email us at to inquire further. 

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