Pros and Cons of Chartering a Private Jet

Jan 31, 2021

Chartering a private jet was always considered a luxury afforded to a few, but that status quo has dramatically changed over the decade. Private travel was so expensive that even the people who could afford to travel on private aircraft shied away from the publicity of appearing frivolous.

The change brought along by the rate of transfer of knowledge to any individual with access to a smartphone has created a new generation of private aircraft charter clientele that understands that the real luxury is time and not the money. Let’s look into some of the pros and cons of chartering a private jet.

Pros Of Chartering a Private Jet

Hire a Private Jet charter from Dallas to Cabo


One of the primary concerns for anyone going to board an airline or a private aircraft is safety. Private jets are mandated by the FAA to be maintained to a very high standard of maintenance and all the private aircraft companies are heavily regulated for all the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and also Captain and Co-pilot training and their cabin crew. Most private aircraft charter companies enroll in a voluntary audit by their Industry auditors like Wyvern Wingman and ARGUS. Both of these audits provide the jet charter client with an outside view of a particular company’s audit ratings ranging from “Registered” to “Silver, Gold and, Platinum”. Each one of these rating tiers tells the client how well has the company followed safety, maintenance, training, and emergency protocols. At Icarus Jet charter we only use ARGUS and Wyver Wingman audited charter operators.

On-Time Arrival and Departures

Private aircraft are utilized predominantly for the purpose of saving time. Imagine being able to depart and arrive at the time most convenient to you, and arrive at a smaller airport at a shorter distance to the town or your business than the bigger International airport. Departing a smaller airport saves time because it has less traffic and you can drive your vehicle to the door of the private jet for your departure. There are no 2 hour prior arrivals or baggage check-ins or seat assignments. You can customize your travel itinerary and your food caterings.


Icarus Jet charter offers the ultimate privacy on all of its jet charter curated by its analysts. We only share the passenger information with Customs and border control and handlers and wherever we are required to by Law. We never disclose the itinerary to anyone else except the designated parties by the client themselves.

Cons Of Chartering a Private Jet


Private jet charter can be expensive. It is mostly due to the fact that the schedule of a jet charter is ambiguous. Unlike a scheduled airline service, a private jet runs on the schedule desired by the client. This causes the charter operators to always quote a round trip.

Jet charter contract

Chartering a jet involves getting into a contract with the jet charter operator and every company has a different charter contract. Most of these contracts are 2 to 5 pages long and are very hard to decipher when it comes to the cancelation of the charter.

Baggage limitations

Depending upon the size of the aircraft one charters the baggage size and its weight could have consequences on the aircraft performance. Please always check with your jet charter analyst to find out the weight and size and the number of bags you can carry for your trip. There is a big difference between a flight from Dallas to a sea-level airport like Miami compared to a flight from Dallas to a high elevation airport like Aspen.

All in all, a private jet charter is an experience of a lifetime. An experience that you share with your family and friends and arrive in a safe and timely manner to enjoy the best that your life has to offer. Please contact Icarus Jet charter for your next trip.

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