How to Fly from Cairo to Siwa on a Private Group Charter

Introduction: What is a Private Group Charter?

While most private jet aircraft seat between 4 to 12 passengers, a group charter provides a unique cost-efficient alternative for larger groups looking to experience a private flight. With aircraft ranging from 30 passengers or more, private group charters are the go-to option when a certain route lacks commercial airline connections. 

This is precisely the case with the Cairo – Siwa flight, a renowned leisure-fueled connection in Egypt that lacks commercial connectivity and heavily relies on private charter companies to fill the gap in demand. Passengers opting for group travel in this route will experience a direct flight of approximately one hour on a cost-efficient and comfortable aircraft while avoiding a tiring 8-hour drive through the desert, which is the other option when traveling to Siwa from Cairo.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly to Siwa on a Private Group Charter? 

Siwa’s remote location helps preserve its symbolism and serenity, with limited crowds and a wide range of sightseeing activities. Without a dedicated civilian airport, private aviation takes a prominent role in the overall travel experience allowing chartering an aircraft from Cairo to Siwa on a quick, safe, and comfortable flight.

The cost of a large group charter (30 passengers or more) from Cairo to Siwa is US$ 14,000, which averages out to US$ 325 one way per passenger. The type of aircraft that is used for the Cairo – Siwa group jet charter is a Dash-8 for up to 43 passengers. Officially known as the De Havilland Canada DHC-8, the Dash-8 is a turboprop-powered regional-size charter that serves larger travel groups and families seeking a reliable and cost-efficient flight. 

Siwa Travel Tips and Destination Guide

There are many reasons to visit Siwa, the urban Egyptian oasis between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert. While the Great Pyramids receive most of the global tourist attention throughout the year, Siwa is still somewhat of a hidden gem thanks to its remoteness and lack of connectivity with Egypt’s main cities. 

Siwa Travel Tips and Destination Guide

Located roughly 350 miles from Cairo, the region has many places worth visiting, not only the Siwa Oasis, and therefore relying on a travel guide is a recommended option. The Temple of Amun dedicated to the Egyptian god Amun-Ra and built by Alexander the Great is a must-stop for travelers, as the feeling of walking through prehistoric ruins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Zeitoun and Fatnas Saltwater Lakes and the Shali Fortress in the Ruined Old Town of Siwa are also must-see locations in Siwa.

Furthermore, Siwa is a safe destination and due to its size, it can be explored on foot or bike. The natural beauty of its oasis and the over 300 clear water and hot springs serve as the perfect place to relax. As to when to travel to Siwa, it is advisable to visit the city and any other Western Desert destination in the cooler months of the year – from October to April. In contrast, hot weather in Siwa is expected each summer with average highs close to 100° Fahrenheit, which can be intolerable for many passengers.

What Documents are Needed when Chartering a Luxury Jet for a Large Group?

What do you need for a private jet charter? While most private flights require a standard set of paperwork and documents from passengers, the timing of submission of these details for flights to Siwa is very specific. The main reason is for obtaining the right landing permits and overnight parking in its military airport – a process that might take even weeks.

Passengers should submit at least one month prior to the flight their passport copies, IDs, a tourist visa for Egypt for international travelers, and the complete passenger list in order to facilitate the private charter company’s efforts of obtaining the flight confirmation and overall operating rights for trip. 

In conclusion: What to expect on a Private Group Charter

When traveling on a private group charter from Cairo to Siwa passengers will depart from Cairo International Airport and use the airport’s domestic terminal gates to board the flight. During the direct flight to Siwa, travelers will be provided with light snacks, juice, and coffee. With an approximate flight time of one hour, passengers can maximize their time before and after the flight, thus controlling to a large extent their overall travel experience – arguably the best trait that private aviation provides for this route.

The Cairo – Siwa private group charter is unique regarding its overall comfort – flying direct and avoiding ground transportation is truly an unrivaled experience. Furthermore, there are no commercial connections between both locations as Siwa’s airport is managed by the military and therefore special permits are required for operating private aircraft on a case-by-case basis – a process overseen by your private charter company. 

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