St Moritz Engadin/Samedan Airport

History of Samedan/Engadin Airport

Samedan Airport is a regional airport in the valley of Engadin and the town of Samedan. At a high elevation of 5600 feet, it is the highest elevation airport in Switzerland for General aviation and sizeable private jet traffic. Samedan airport was constructed after the 2nd World War to increase the traffic and make it easier to travel in the mountainous villages. St Moritz airport has one runway, and the let-down is very challenging due to its topography and climate, especially during the winter times. All crew is required to get a briefing from the Samedan airport website and be acquainted with the Approach procedures before their arrival.

St Moritz Samedan Airport Map

St Moritz Engaid/Samedan Airport terminals

St Moritz airport has only one terminal and an FBO that provides the facilities for all general aviation traffic. From Jet fuel to de-ice and international customs clearance.

Information and restrictions St Moritz Engadin/Samedan Airport





Longest Hard Surface Runway (ft)


5906 x 131, 03/21

Elevation (ft)



Runway Surface



Fuel Available






Current UTC


4:21:09 PM (+1.00)

Local Standard Time


5:21:09 PM

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