SXSW: The 6th Street Favorites

Here at Icarus Jet, we are no strangers to travel. I always find great joy in exploring new cities and cultures. This weekend we took a trip to our backyard, Austin TX, for SXSW! SXSW is an Austin based music/film festival that attracts People from all over the U.S. (and world) for a fun filled week. Whether you are looking epic networking opportunities, awesome live music, or gourmet food/free drinks: SXSW has you covered for spring break!

Three 6th street favorites that you MUST try at SXSW 2018 for under $10

1. Voodoo Donuts

This doughnut shop may be a chain, but it’s open 24 hours and has several vegan options among their regular menu items. Their unique offerings include the iconic VooDoo doll with raspberry jelly filling and the bacon maple bar. Other risqu options include the old dirty bastard, which has Oreo cookies and peanut butter stacked atop chocolate frosting. 212 E. 6th St. Prices per Donuts can range anywhere from $1 – 4

2. P. Terrys

P. Terrys emphasizes, several times with different signs, that the product here is fresh, locally grown, all natural, etc, etc. P. Terrys was a great recommendation from a friend I met on 6th Street. The food scene, and more specifically the burger scene in Austin is great, and can get quite pricey. However, the prices were more reminiscent of the In-N-Out menu. A burger, $2, double with cheese $3.50, burger fries shake $6.75.
(6th & Congress Ave.)
515 Congress Avenue, Suite 130
Austin TX, 78701


There are plenty of options on 6th street when it comes to food vendors, but this $7 GYRO is too good to pass up! I’d love to provide you guys with the exact address of this Vendor, but all I know is I followed the smell up 6th street and never looked back. What I do know is that the stand is apart of The halal guys franchise. For $7 you can’t go wrong! Somewhere on 6th street

There you have it! Three delicious food places on 6th street for UNDER $10! Enjoy the festival, and keep Icarus Jet in mind for all of your Private Jet Charter needs.

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