The Exorbitant Costs of a Private Jet and How You Can Save With Air Charter Services

Dec 9, 2022

Introduction: What is a Private Jet

A private jet represents the ultimate means of transportation. Private jets come in all sizes, shapes and colors and are famous for the unparalleled comfort and flexibility they offer to owners and passengers in general. Yet they do come with a hefty price tag – no one said exclusivity, utmost privacy and customization are cheap. For those who can’t afford one, a private jet charter service is the best way to experience private travel without owning an aircraft.

In fact, it is highly advisable for those deciding whether to buy a private jet to only commit to such an investment if they are planning to fly 300 or more hours a year. Anything under that number of hours would not be a cost-efficient decision, as there are many costs to consider beyond the purchase price – maintenance, fuel, crew salary, parking, and depreciation of the aircraft, just to name a few out of a long list. For those flying less, private charter companies are the perfect option to meet every passenger’s travel needs.

Private Jet Prices and the Benefits of an Air Charter Service

In today’s market, private jet prices for new aircraft fall within the range of US$30 million and US$5 million. At the very high end, a 2022 Gulfstream G700 can cost up to US$ 78 million (Aircraft Bluebook’s Fall data) while a 2022 Cirrus SF50 VisionJet costs almost US$ 3.00 million. The used private jet market is also very active with some older jets selling for less than $1 million after years of depreciation.

If purchasing an aircraft is not a possibility or makes no financial sense, the benefits of air charter services are countless. Actually, while the flexibility of owning a private jet is second to none, it does limit the owner and passengers to its capabilities, whether small, midsize or large. This means it will have a specific range and capacity, among other variables. Chartering an aircraft on the other hand allows clients to completely adapt their private jet requirements to their travel and choose from a wide array of possibilities.

Air Charter Services – The Important Features to Look For in Your Aircraft  

With so many features in each private aircraft segment, it is key to rely on a specialized aircraft charter service to advise on the best aircraft for each travel need. While a specific budget will determine the type of jet, there are still many variables to account for in terms of how the capability of an aircraft meets the operational conditions of a certain route and runway. Those variables are closely monitored by a private jet charter company.

From a passenger standpoint, other important features to look for are luggage and cabin space, overall cabin noise, seating arrangement and bathroom availability, among many others. Charter aircraft allow to completely tailor the travel experience, serving as the perfect option when passengers require different solutions while not just relying on one fixed type of aircraft, as would be the case when owning a jet. 

Air Charter Services – Why it’s Important to Get the Best Deal Possible

The air charter service price is mainly defined by two factors: route and aircraft. For longer routes and larger aircraft, passengers should expect to pay more for a private jet flight. In any case, the private charter company will also accommodate to the customer’s budget while finding the best deal on air charters, whether that’s on a turboprop, light jet, or even midsized aircraft.

For the same route, choosing the right aircraft might allow passengers to reduce the overall costs of a flight by pairing specific capabilities with the route, thus maximizing the operational component of the flight. The private charter company will play a key role in walking each client through the pros and cons of chartering a specific jet in order to offer the best deal possible.

Conclusion: Why You Should Use Air Charter Services for Your Next Private Jet Trip

There are no right or wrong answers when choosing how to fly private. The main question is which is the best way to fly for each passenger. For those flying many yearly hours, 300 and above, it might be best to consider seeking financing for a new or used private jet. When flying fewer hours, using air charter services is the way to go thanks to cost-efficiency and fewer commitments, as there’s no need to consider all the associated costs of owning an aircraft.

In fact, even if you are pondering to purchase a private jet, it is highly advisable to use a private charter company to test various models and manufacturers before making the decision. Finally, when chartering a jet, clients should look for certified companies with a strong track record – while safety and reliability should be a standard in the industry, unfortunately, reality states otherwise. Choosing an experienced private aviation partner is therefore paramount.

Qualified providers will walk customers through the entire process of pairing the right jet with the travel needs, while always accounting for the budget and any specific requirement, from takeoff to landing. Charter a flight today and fly beyond the popular destinations by calling +1 888 277 7203 or emailing us at to find out more on how to charter a private jet.

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