The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Trip Support Services for a Private Jet Charter in Dallas

Dec 21, 2022


Choosing the right trip support service can make or break a private jet experience. A private flight consists of a mix of variables and costs and finding the right pool of services that adapt to a specific aircraft in a certain location is paramount. Yet not every company has the right team in place that understands what a trip support service is and how to provide its diverse solutions, which go from flight planning, to ground handling and fuel arrangements – a wide array of services that account for safety, operations, and utmost comfort.

Furthermore, having a dedicated team on the ground is instrumental to resolve last-minute requests, especially in one of the top private jet hubs in the world. There are not many Dallas trip support companies like Icarus Jet that have an entire team of professionals dedicated to each flight, whereas as a pilot or aircraft owner, you can have a face-to-face conversation and be advised of the best available options for your private jet charter in Dallas.

Who Are These People Who Have the Responsibility to be Behind the Scene?   

The importance of having a team of professionals on location when operating a domestic or international aircraft can go a long way. Last-minute requests and any changes in a route can be arranged, which may go in hand with new slot approvals and permits, while also being able to quickly source inflight amenities thanks to the relationship with trusted local vendors. In essence, relying on a local and experienced company will maximize the experience of your next private jet charter in Dallas.

On the scene to provide help on a private jet for all the phases of flight support are dedicated dispatchers available 24 hours a day, which support not only with flight planning and briefing, but also oversee ground handling services, fuel arrangements, and overflight permits – acting as dedicated on-demand travel agents for each customer. In terms of fuel arrangements for your next private jet flight from Dallas, regularly choosing Icarus Jet’s trip support package will help save 7% on annual fuel consumption.

What’s Included in a Good Trip Support Service for Private Jet Charter in Dallas?

A comprehensive trip support package should offer pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight services ranging from parking to flight planning and landing permits. For the latter, only the best trip support company for private jets can guarantee most landing rights and overflight permits within 24 hours to various regions, including Africa, South America, China, and the Middle East. 

Icarus Jet can achieve this by having a globally scattered team and an established relationship with local authorities and service providers, ultimately allowing the customer to maximize his flight experience while reducing any uncertainties. Again, having a team on site to provide continued assistance for your next private charter flight in Dallas is not only an advantage from a customer support perspective, but also from a cost management standpoint.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

A trip support service cost will vary depending primarily on the size of the aircraft and the total legs in a certain route. Whether it’s domestic or international will also play a role in the final costs. Furthermore, any special requests like inflight amenities or overnight parking will increase the costs, yet with Icarus Jet, there will be no surprises in your standard trip support packages, as a fixed price per leg is considered for international services.

What is the cost of trip support services? That will vary from company to company, city pairs, and even countries. For your international flight to and from Dallas, Icarus Jet offers a special rate of 99 USD for light jets, 499 USD for medium jets, and 799 USD for heavier aircraft, which includes guaranteed parking, permits, and discounted fuel prices, among other aircraft-specific costs and arrangements.

How Do You Select The Right Travel Agent For You or Your Company?

Finding the right company to provide a tailored approach to your trip support needs is the first step in the process, yet, with so many available options in the market, it may be a hard task. How to find a good travel agent near your location? Using an iPhone app to find travel agents near your city is a good idea, yet it should not be the only source to make a decision. 

Once you choose a company, you need to engage with their team to learn about their experience and capabilities, as not every detail will appear in smartphone apps or internet searches. Again, asking the question of whether they have a team on the ground to carry out your trip support service is instrumental and not usually the industry standard. For your Dallas flight, Icarus Jet agents are on location and prepared to provide the solutions for every step in the process.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Trip Support Services

Private jet pilots, owners, and even corporate flight departments are always looking for the safest and most cost-efficient trip support service solutions. Finding a comprehensive solution with a local touch is usually their main challenge because engaging with a company with personnel at the departure point is far from being an industry standard. 

During the past few years with a spike in global demand for private aviation services, many companies are relying more on technology and long-distance communications than having actual boots on the ground. Icarus Jet is heavily invested in the human side of aviation and has a trained team to solve real problems, face-to-face. 

For your next private jet charter flight in Dallas, relying on these aspects will allow the crew and passengers to only worry about enjoying the travel experience, leaving the operational details to the trip support professionals. You can receive further information on trip support services or ask for a specific quote at +1 888 277 7203 or by emailing us at You can also charter a flight today here and fly beyond the popular destinations by contacting us at

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