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The Citation V business jet aircraft is an industry workhorse. With an NBAA IFR reserve range of 1960 NM, the beautiful Citation Aircraft manufactured for its comfort, range, and speed is truly a one of a kind business jet. Being a true Citation aircraft, it can quickly depart from airports with a short runway, yet fast enough at cruise speeds to keep up with the plane in the light jet cabin class.

Although it lacks a stand-up cabin or a stand-up lavatory, it is an economical private jet and there are 774 of these Citation V aircraft delivered from 1987 till 2011. The Citation V was derived from the Citation II model after adding a newer engine with more thrust and a seating capacity of 8 seats. The aircraft is capable of flying at Flight Level 410 at speeds of 370 knots.

There are Citation aircraft that have 6 seats and a galley with a coffee maker and Ice storage for the drinks on each side. This aircraft is easily modified inside its cabin depending upon the needs of the Citation V jet charters and the air carriers. Most charter flights in the USA and Central and South America use the Citation V specs (mainly the long-range) for reducing the Citation V operating cost.

Charter a Citation V

CITATION V Aircraft Interior

Most private flight companies out of the USA use different variants of the V. It has been Improved ever since its inception iN 1987 from the V to the Citation V Ultra and then the Citation Encore followed by the Citation Encore + which completed the Citation family of light jets and model 560 Cessna Citation. This straight-wing design has won over the jet charter industry’s hearts and minds and it has shown no signs of slowing down with the upgrades in two crews, but in the USA a Single qualified Captain can also be used on private flights.

  • Six-Eight passengers
  • Four large suitcases
  • 2 Golf bags

full entertainment with Wifi and galley with a coffee maker and Ice-bin.

Powered by two Pratt and Whitney JT 15D-5D turbofan engines, this aircraft is capable of short-field take-off and landing making it the aircraft of choice for many single-pilot owners who operate out of an airpark. One of the reasons for the Citation aircraft to be cost-effective is that their parts are readily available throughout the World.

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