Gulfstream 650 for Private Jet Charter

The Gulfstream 650 is a long-range Heavy Jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aircraft, Savannah, Georgia. The G650 aircraft has a range of 7500 nm, and it can carry 14 passengers in the comfort of its wide and luxurious cabin. The G650 has set the bar so high in the General aviation Industry when it comes to performance and cabin comfort, crew cockpit-situational awareness, that the private aircraft Industry has yet to catch up. The G6 has set multiple speed/distance records over the years and it is the ultimate in recognization and presence on the ramp as a measure of success.

Gulfstream 650 specifications

  • Luggage Capacity- 195 cu ft
  • Range- 7500 NM
  • Speed- Mach.85
  • Passenger capacity- 14 Passenger depending upon the cabin configuration
  • Hourly rates- 8000 USD per hour

To book a private jet charter on a Gulfstream 650 aircraft, please contact us online or call us at +1-888-277-7203

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