Private Jet charter services in Libya

Libya, once a prosperous nation and an ancient civilization. Inhabited by the Berbers since the Bronze age, this nation is in deep peril now. In a dangerous political unrest with ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist controlling most of the cities in Libya, it’s easy to say that none of us are willing to buy a ticket anytime soon to enjoy the beaches there.

Although the Bush administration had started to normalize the relationship between them, Libya was still a far cry for tourism Dollars. Most of the laborers In Libya were from the Philippines and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. My 2008 visit to the city of Tripoli was Inspiring. Streets full of vendors and the bustle of a Souk was energizing. Tea vendors and Shisha smokers lined the streets with beautiful Mediterranean waves crashing on the Seawalls. it’s all over now. And peace is like the hope when Pandora opened her box.

Icarus Jet has its Lear 35A available for charter to Libya. We can fly into Benghazi, Tobruk, El Abrak. Icarus needs a special wartime Insurance to get into Libya. That too we are a daytime only operation with a strict 2 hour limit on the ground there. At 1600 LT, our aircraft must depart Libya with or without the passengers. The Passengers must show up at 1545 LT as at 1600 LT our insurance company will cancel our Insurance. There are no runway lights for a nighttime departure and the airport is still not in the best condition.

So if you’re on a diplomatic mission or a humanitarian mission, please contact Icarus Jet for your jet charter into Libya.

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