Airport Parking Restrictions in Italy

Jul 18, 2022

Italy was once the crown of a great former empire, but today, the nation is a hub for keen tourists and avid fans of history and nature. Private jet charter to Italy is climbing popularity charts again now that COVID-19 has subsided. At the severity of the disease, Italy got hit quite badly, but the country has recovered magnificently. In reality, general aviation in Italy has soared so much that aircraft parking in Italy is becoming increasingly difficult during the summer of 2022. 

Aircraft Parking in Venice

Airstrips northwards in Italy underwent superior development compared to southern airports; apart from infrastructure, few airports invariably have overnight restrictions. Beginning with the north: Which airport is the best for jet parking in Venice? Venice Treviso Airport’s website does not mention jet charter, but Icarus Jet has experienced landing there. With only a short 5-hour stay available, the plane repositioned to Venice Marco Polo Airport. Slots and parking for landings at Marco Polo get issued within short notice. Additionally, the airfield has abundant hangar facilities with the closest distance to the city center. Marco Polo is 14 km nearer to downtown Venice. 

Jet Parking in Tuscany

Currently, several airports in Italy enforce parking limitations which make repositioning difficult. Pisa and Florence Airports are southwest of Marco Polo. At Florence, jet storage is not time bound but dependent on the availability of the stands. Plane overnight stay at Pisa is limited to 3 days only but is much better than airstrips down southwards. A viable alternative airfield with plenty of plane storage space and a runway of more than 750m is Lucca Airport. It can also be used as a fuel stop because it offers AVGAS in addition to Jet-A. However, it is not a port of entry.

Plane Parking in Umbria

Perugia Airport, located in the middle of the country, forces a turnaround of 2 hours. Two hours is a brief duration for a private jet flight. Here, communicating in the local language is advantageous since most emails with foreign transcription get ignored. Apron stay at Perugia is short, with an underdeveloped apron for private jets. To add to that, the fuel itself is much short of cheap. Its operating hours are less flexible than Venice. A good alternative in the region is the Alvaro Leonardi Airport in Terni, but it only caters to local traffic. 

Airplane Parking in Campania

As we go south, Naples International Airport is the largest serving the region. In 2022 as confirmed by the trip support team at Icarus Jet, the apron restricts stays to only 3 hours. Jet charters do not have any choice but to drop off and reposition. Alternate airports in the south are also plenty, but most runways are shorter than 400m. To inquire about aircraft parking in Italy, call +1-888-277-7203 or email us at All your trip support questions will be answered by our team as soon as possible. 

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