The Benefits of Using Flight Support Services for Airline Pilots & Companies

Feb 13, 2023

What are Flight Support Services and How Can They Help Pilots and Airlines?

Flight support services provide many benefits to pilots and operators worldwide, especially when traveling long flights to remote destinations. Flight support companies rely on their experience and global knowledge of aviation to provide a wide array of services that will ultimately allow the crew to focus on the operation of the flight. 

The overall airline pilot assistance comprises flight planning and briefing, ground handling, and fuel arrangements, among many other highly specialized services, with the main focus of providing safe, reliable, and cost-efficient flight support services. Having a network of trust-based vendors is also a key component that a flight planning service should have amongst their value proposition, as this aspect might define the overall experience of an operation considering the various moving parts that go into planning a flight.

How Flight Support Services can Increase Safety on Long-Haul Flights

Various aviation safety solutions have hit the market in recent years to make every aspect of an operation safer. From improved ground handling standards to navigational capabilities in the cockpit, the industry is always moving toward a safer environment. Flight support services also play an instrumental role as operational safety not only comprises the airborne portion of a flight but also before takeoff and extending after landing. 

Safety on Long Haul Flights

The Icarus Jet team uses flight planning software and aircraft tracking solutions to support crews during all phases of flight, always in constant communication with pilots and those following the flight on the ground. By using route optimization tools, the company assures to provide the crew with the most updated information on weather conditions, runway analysis, and fuel figures, amongst other relevant data points of a flight plan.

Flight Support Services to Improve Efficiency in Airline Operations

Efficiency in aviation is paramount. Yet reaching it is easier said than done. With so many pieces in the operational puzzle, a combination of an experienced team of specialized professionals, aircraft performance monitoring systems, and a real-time aircraft tracking system, will allow crews to improve the overall efficiency of an operation. 

The support team working alongside the pilots grants them the peace of mind that all details are being looked after – the ground handling service in the destination is ready, fuel arrangements have been settled and all the overflight permits are approved. All these variables are factored into the airline operations management system with the ultimate goal of achieving a safe and efficient operation.

What are the Best Flight Support Software Platforms Available?

Controlling almost every aspect of an operation is the ideal state of all involved parties. Improving those odds is now possible thanks to a growing pool of platforms designed to facilitate planning and trip support from a provider perspective, while also allowing to adapt to the customer’s needs, therefore granting a seamless solution for a flawless flight. Most importantly, these platforms are regularly updated with the latest industry improvements, making them easier to use while having more data to make better decisions.

While there are many options, the best flight support software systems and route optimization tools have in common that all aspects of flight operation can be managed, many of them delivered through cloud-based options to enhance access from any device and location. This enables the trip support company as well as the crew to manage the entire lifecycle of an operation, from the initial request to billing, granting the highest levels of communication and transparency to the process.

How to Choose the Right Flight Support Service Provider for Your Needs?

Choosing the right trip support company is like chartering the best aircraft for a specific flight – depending on the needs of a crew, owner, or corporate flight department, there is a specific trip support company waiting to deliver a comprehensive service. Yet, buyer beware, multiple layers need to be considered before partnering with a trip support provider. 

For starters, its track record serving clients at a global scale and in different situations, and the team’s experience providing solutions in remote and international destinations. Finding the right service will go a long way for pilots, as they can fully engage in the operational components of a flight while leaving other relevant aspects, like securing landing permits, arranging the fuel, and supporting flight planning and briefing in the hands of trip support professionals. 

While a good practice is using a flight support service provider comparison guide, the best way to find out which is the most suitable company for your needs lies amongst your network – word of mouth is a powerful tool in the aviation industry and pilots worldwide have most likely heard about the capabilities of leading trip support companies like Icarus Jet, always available to provide a safe, efficient and cost-conscious solution to its clients.

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