The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Flight Planning Company for Your Business Needs

Feb 2, 2023

What does a Flight Planning Company Do & How Can It Help Your Business?

With high global demand in private aviation movements, choosing the right flight operations support will define the travel experience of all involved parties, from crew to owner and passengers. There are diverse flight planning services offered today in the market, yet finding a flight planner that can provide a one-stop shop is still unusual due to the knowledge and workforce it entails to deliver a seamless flight planning service.

Icarus Jet provides a full range of services that allows the crew, owner, or corporate flight department, after more than a decade of high performance in the industry, to delegate even the most important aspects of a flight to the company, from pre-flight arrangements using top-notch aviation software to providing aircraft management services.

Understanding the Different Types of Services Offered by Flight Planning Companies

While there are many flight planning services in the market, what the customer rarely accounts for when choosing a partner is the possibility to have on-ground support led by professionals with an established track record of successful operations. With offices in Dallas, Dubai, and London and dedicated flight coordinators available 24 hours a day, Icarus Jet is one of those companies that are capable of offering pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight services throughout domestic or international operations.

From flight planning and briefing to ground handling and fuel arrangements, there are different types of services that can be delivered by flight planning companies. Firms like Icarus Jet are also able to provide aircraft charter services and fleet management solutions through tailored airspace optimization software, offering a complete array of services to the customer. These can also expand to overflight permits, a key component when traveling abroad or to remote locations, specific inflight amenities, and even ground transportation arrangements for passengers and crew.

How to Select an Experienced and Reliable Flight Planning Company?

How to choose a flight planning company may vary depending on the required services for a specific mission. Every flight is different, especially when planning a long-haul flight with various legs before reaching the destination. This requires a specific type of professional supporting a trip and established relationships with vendors and authorities for seamless planning. An experienced company will have all the mentioned ingredients, which ultimately will result in a safe flight with constant communication before, during, and after landing with the client.

How to find a good flight planner also depends on the track record of a certain company. Private aviation is a small business with a strong word-of-mouth culture, therefore those companies delivering consistent results are well-known among crews and owners. Icarus Jet has the experience, and trained personnel, while also using reliable airline operations software to deliver tailored flight planning solutions for any type of operation and to any destination in the world.

Which Industries can Benefit Most from Professional Flight Planning Services?

Private aviation serves a wide array of industries worldwide, especially those where time efficiency is a critical aspect of the bottom line. Especially today, when time is of the essence, it is hard to think about a business in any industry that wouldn’t like to improve how many hours it invests in moving its workforce and top executives around the globe. Private aviation therefore serves as a time machine for various businesses, thanks to its ability to control the travel experience.

Aviation planning solutions for businesses that are provided by jet charter companies like Icarus Jet are a unique combination in the industry because customers can rely completely on their diverse experience to prepare any type of operation – even being capable of providing air cargo management solutions thanks to established relationships with certified operators that have a large pool of aircraft in their fleet.

How Flight Planning Companies Help Pilots with 6 Different Use Cases

One of the main purposes of a flight planning service is to provide top-notch solutions to pilots. Speaking the same aviation language as the crew is not a given these days with an increasing number of private aviation providers entering the industry as a result of expanding demand, who usually lack the expertise and relationships to deliver an encompassing service. While many flight booking companies may market flight planning services, the truth is that they are mainly brokers seeking available suitable aircraft for a specific mission, which is only a small portion of the entire flight planning experience.

Amongst the main uses that crew can obtain from working with established flight planning companies are fully dedicated operational plans, flight briefings thanks to automated flight planning software, ground transportation services in any destination, fuel planning that allows pilots to save 7% on annual fuel consumption, landing rights at the most remote locations, overflight permits with a quick turnaround time and even long-term aircraft management services.

What are the Benefits of Working with Professional Flight Planners?

The benefits of working with an established flight support company go beyond a safe and efficient flight. Rightfully so, improved safety risk standards are a key component of any operation yet having the ability to speak with another human any time of the day and receive a solution, is a trait on the verge of extinction in the business. 

Icarus Jet not only provides an efficient aviation dispatch system led by experienced coordinators but also adds a human touch to a process that is usually automated. Good luck with speaking to a chat box when urgent refueling is needed in Nairobi for one of your top clients. Flight planning is as much about the personal experience of all involved parties as the operational component of private jet travel.

Conclusion: Start Working with a Flight Planner Today to Ensure a Smooth & Safe Journey!

Working with a trustworthy flight planner will allow the crew and passengers to look after the important aspects of travel – safe operations on one end and enjoying a unique private charter experience on the other. A thoroughly tailored flight planning service will advise what the needed steps are for the safest and most reliable flight to any destination, accounting for many variables and solutions.

Partnering with an experienced company with global relationships will allow clients to rest assured that their next operations are in the safest and most cost-effective hands. At Icarus Jet, we thrive to listen to our customers and adapt accordingly to their needs and budget, while also acknowledging how important it is to establish an open and trustworthy relationship during the entire process.

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