A Comprehensive Guide to Aviation Trip Support Services for a Smooth and Seamless Flight Journey

Feb 15, 2023

What is Aviation Trip Support & How Does It Help Your Flight Journey?

Relying on an aviation trip support service translates into a seamless operation for all involved parties. A trip support team will provide key services to the crew before, during, and after their flight, which usually go well beyond the physical operation of an aircraft. Without this type of flight assistance, a crew or aircraft owner would need to personally arrange the parking in remote locations, perform the flight planning and briefing, and even take care of the overflight permits and overall documentation.

In other words, while the crew takes care of the safety in the sky, an experienced trip support team manages the safety component of the entire operation, arranging the ground support before departure and after landing, planning the fuel arrangements throughout the operation, while also providing all the route and landing options for the crew, accounting for weather conditions, aviation navigation, runway, and airport specifications, and any flight journey support service requested by the pilots.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Provider of Aviation Trip Support

An experienced aviation solutions provider will understand the needs of their clients while anticipating any uncertainty along the process. This is only possible thanks to a track record of successful operations, decades of knowledge, and highly trained personnel. Another important added value from an experienced trip support provider is a reliable global network of contacts that will enable a flawless operation while finding the most cost-effective solutions for travelers.

This means having established relationships with global aviation authorities for landing permits, sourcing the best available ground handling options, and negotiating the best fuel prices in any corner of the world. The Icarus Jet trip support team is comprised of experienced travel coordinators with 24/7 availability and the utmost understanding of the tasks in hand for a safe and cost-efficient operation.

How Professional Aviation Trip Support Services Can Help in 5 Key Areas

Trip support services’ focus is adapting to the needs of an owner, crew, corporate flight department, or any type of client. It does so by having prepared staff in place to support a wide array of needs, sometimes even with on-location personnel to assure the correct flow of events and processes for a safe operation. Having a 24/7 flight operations center is one of those instrumental aspects of a private flight and allows a crew to focus specifically on the airborne safety facet of an operation. 

Professional Aviation Trip Support Services

This does not mean that a trip support team won’t look out for the safety variables – they carry out flight planning and briefing services, aircraft ground handling efforts, as well as arranging landing and overflight permits to any destination in the world. Those areas of competence are very much tied to the overall safety component of an operation and support the crew by enabling them to focus entirely on the flight with specific information for the takeoff and landing; a unique one-stop shop delivered by experienced air navigation service providers.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Aviation Trip Support Provider

While finding international flight support companies’ contact details may not be a hard task due to an influx of companies into the business aviation industry due to increase demand, locating the right company for your specific needs might be a daunting task. An immediate red flag is noticing that a trip support provider does not have dedicated professionals in this line of work, using a do it all approach to serve its clients. For instance, Icarus Jet has specific staff for its trip support business line and a different group of professionals for its charter line, which is truly the only way to fully support our clients along their experience.

In order to have a thorough global flight assistance provider comparison, it is advisable to ask the proper questions when searching for companies. Dedicated staff, on-location support, and decades of experience are a good start, while also acknowledging the levels of transparency and responsiveness provided by each service. In essence, an aircraft charter service provider search will result in quick information about a specific company, although corroborating it with a human being over a call guarantees that the trip support provider has the know-how to deliver a quality service.

Understanding the Different Costs Involved in Choosing an Aviation Trip Support Provider

With so many variables encompassing trip support services, it is key for the trip support provider to be as clear and open as possible regarding how it discloses its fees. Icarus Jet has a commitment to transparency, understanding that operational costs can make or break the customer’s feasibility of trusting a company.

We have established our in-house aircraft fuel and operational cost calculator for domestic and international flights, which assures that we consistently use the same tool to calculate fees for a flight. This is another one of those red flags when searching for trip support companies – inconsistent and unreliable fees that may leave potential customers with more questions than answers.

What Are The Most Popular Aircraft Charter Services Offered by Airlines?

Corporate jet charters worldwide offer a wide array of services, securing the best available aircraft options for their customers. Icarus Jet goes beyond that standard by also offering specialized aircraft management services and jet fuel arrangements that can help customers save 7% on annual fuel consumption thanks to established connections with highly qualified vendors worldwide. We also thrive by adapting to the final budget of our customers, using a tailored airline charters cost comparison tool to assure our charter passengers are receiving the best possible fee for their needs.

Whether looking to hire a jet or a helicopter for your next private travel, Icarus Jet will accommodate your needs while finding the most suitable crew, aircraft, and flight path to reach your destination, regardless of traveling for business or leisure or to a popular or remote location – we are here to listen and deliver the best solution for your upcoming travel.

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