The Ultimate Guide to Private Jet Trip Support

Nov 14, 2022

What is Trip Support?

Private aircraft trip support offers flight planning, aircraft performance, Weather, and logistical support for flights to international destinations. The trip support packages include services that procure over-flight permits and landing rights for general aviation. From in-flight catering to ground handling, international trip support makes it easier to plan the itinerary and calm the jitters of landing rights, overnight parking, and trip cost estimates.

Icarus Jet provides solutions for all the phases of flight support with exclusively priced packages for each aircraft type. All services are crucial to the success of an international flight. For example, fuel planning can affect the number of tech stops, one of the most critical factors in the flight planning phase. Additionally, obtaining overflight permits/ landing rights for destinations is equally paramount. Exceptional fight support continues once the private jet lands at its destination, and its trip support continue post-flight assistance, ensuring proper ground transportation and hotel bookings for crew stay. 

Continuous 24/7 hours and 365 days, flight following, and document handling – the benefits of trip assistance are plenty. A private jet flight without flight assistance is like a bird without wings; it forms the backbone of a successful journey and keeps pilots/passengers worry-free and relaxed. The responsibilities of aircraft trip support, arranging the take-off performance data, the landing rights, and ensuring that effective crew management is done seamlessly. The crew and the passengers do not have to bear the brunt of conducting the research necessary for an integrated flight. Leave that to our flight dispatchers.

What are the most important factors when choosing a Charter Trip Support Provider for Your Business?

What makes a good trip specialist team? At Icarus Jet, we have provided the following services for the past eleven years.

Aircraft Parking in Greece, Italy, and France

Only the best flight support services can provide 100% parking assurance to destinations that welcome the largest tourist crowds in the world. As summers approach, jet parking in European vacation spots become challenging due to the sheer amount of passenger traffic. Airport hangars are full and can only accommodate new aircraft if your trip service provider manages it within time with the right network. Icarus Jet has made a history of securing parking across all airport locations for hundreds of clients. 

Ground Handling Costs

Ground handling cost is tricky because the probability of paying more for less is always greater than it is cost-effective. Unless you have hired an exceptional flight support service, it is easy to get deceived by numbers and general ignorance of handling rates. Icarus Jet introduces transparency to the process with 0% margins on the original cost. The fee we charge sits at the minimum in the market because of our economies of scale. Our volume of requests allows us to let our passengers enjoy economical packages for aircraft maintenance. So, you get tip-top service quality at affordable rates making it lucrative for businesses looking to hire trip specialists for their fleet. 

Fuel Costs

The fickle nature of oil prices leaves around 40% of charter costs to account for fuel. A credible trip support provider always has enough networks in the industry to offer fuel savings with accurate fuel planning. Fuel arrangements carried out by Icarus eventually save clients around 7% on annual fueling. Businesses build partnerships with us to benefit in the long term.

Slot Approvals and Permits

A good trip support company shines through its ability to obtain permits and slot approvals in record time. Last-minute general aviation traffic requires a highly efficient team that can network and collaborate immediately to file PPR documents and get access in a limited time. The agents at Icarus Jet make this possible within 24 hours, having satisfied clients for over a decade. All global destinations are covered. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Jet Trip Support Company for Your Business?

Before diving into the accumulated costs of trip support, it is important to understand the bundle of sub-tasks within it. The range of activities includes Air Traffic Control filing, refiling, validating, and planning flight routes, coordinating for fuel, ground handling, and catering. Additionally, monitoring the journey and regularly checking for NOTAMs also come under the umbrella. The aggregate total can climb up to 600 USD for a medium jet per leg. 

For international trip support to and from the United States, Icarus Jet offers 100 USD as a discount on flight assistance for each type of aircraft. The value packages are priced at 99 USD for light jets, 499 USD for medium jets, and 799 USD for heavier airplanes. There are other deals for different global locations. Contact us for further information at fltops@icarusjet.comor call us at +1 888 277 7203. Avail customized experiences tailored uniquely for you. 

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