Everything You Need to Know About International Trip Support Services and How They Can Help You Travel Stress-Free

Feb 24, 2023

What are International Trip Support Services and Why Do You Need Them?

International trip support services can be defined as the key element that brings all the variables of a flight together, accounting for overall safety, cost efficiency, and also comfort. Also known as travel planning assistance, it helps customers arrange all the moving parts of a private aircraft operation, from flight briefing to ground support services and obtaining landing rights, allowing crews, owners, and even corporate flight departments to reduce any type of uncertainty surrounding an operation.

Pre-trip consultation services jumpstart the process well in advance of a flight, a stage where all the needed details are shared with the private aviation company that will execute the requested arrangements. Travel support services will also consider the coordination before, during, and after landing, with a variety of services like flight following, ground support, and fuel arrangements in any destination around the world.

How Travel Support Services Can Streamline Your Next International Trip

Expert advice on international trips especially when traveling to remote locations is a coveted trait in the business aviation ecosystem. International travel requires a long checklist before dispatching a flight and obtaining landing approvals. This process entails sharing with local authorities a certificate of airworthiness, insurance, and aircraft registration, as well as crew employment history and the complete schedule of the flight, among other documents depending on the country of operation.

Clients should only consider the best travel advice for overseas trips from companies with experience and a track record of international operations. The reason is simple – the majority of trip support providers specialize in one specific region due to its personnel limitations and lack of established relationships with overseas vendors. There is also a cultural component to this, as it’s not the same to engage with authorities in Israel and Latin America, for instance. Companies like Icarus Jet remove this potential issue from the equation thanks to globally scattered trip support coordinators and decades of experience providing international flight advice.

The Benefits of Choosing a Professional Trip Support Service Provider  

Relying on professionals in any industry is the first step to a successful outcome. Unfortunately, with increasing private aviation demand worldwide a large pool of unqualified providers has entered the industry. While they mainly provide private jet brokerage, some state that trip support is within their expertise. At Icarus Jet, we can assure you that trip support also requires a thorough understanding of operational aspects provided by full-time and qualified flight dispatchers.

Professional trip support service providers will make an immediate impact by speaking the same language as the crew, adding tangible value throughout the process. This relationship starts when a request comes into the trip support department and lasts throughout the entire flight, extending to the post-flight stage. In other words, reliable foreign travel advice comes in the shape of a 24/7 trust-based relationship with a group of professionals fully available to provide solutions. 

What to Look For When Choosing an International Trip Support Service Provider

Trusted international trip support services have a proven track record of seamless services provided at a global scale. An important aspect when choosing the right company is understanding how they can meet your requirements from start to finish. Finding a one-stop solution like the one provided by Icarus Jet will allow a customer to reduce uncertainties while professionals manage the key components surrounding the flight.

Top-rated international trip planners will go above and beyond to accommodate the clients’ final budget, with utmost transparency and openness with the client to avoid any surprise costs at the end of the quoting process. Customers should always compare trip support service providers to make sure a certain company is capable of providing specific solutions – pilots would not want to find that during the process and need to find another support team to deliver a specific service.

Make The Most Of Your Next International Trip With Professional Travel Support Services

Whether traveling on a small or heavy jet on a short or transatlantic route, a specialized trip support service will allow crews, owners, and corporate flight departments to cut costs through a one-stop solution provided by specialized personnel. Relying on a dedicated service that understands its ecosystem and the usual costs that global vendors charge will also contribute to cost efficiency. These pre-established relationships will also help in terms of time efficiency for all involved parties, allowing pilots to focus specifically on the flight plan which, by the way, is also provisioned by a comprehensive trip support service.

Icarus Jet provides a one-stop shop trip support solution with a dedicated team of globally scattered professionals with the ultimate goal of exceeding customer expectations in alignment with aviation protocols and standards in the specific country of operation. Most importantly, a team of dispatchers will be available to support any last-minute changes, which is also an instrumental benefit of working with humans instead of relying only on technology – a chat box most likely won’t be able to solve an urgent issue across the pond!

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