Jet fuel for private Jets

Jan 28, 2019

Jet fuel is known as Jet-A, Jet-A1, JP54 or for the Aviation crew members and for the fuelers, just as “Fuel.” A hand gesture from the cockpit with the Thumb pointing towards the mouth as if asking for drinking water is an indication to the fueler that the Pilot is ready for fueling. But what else do we know about Jet-A? Consider the cost, the fact that Jet-fuel is a necessity, It is not that one would refuse an uplift because of how expensive the fuel rate is. It is redundant to say that an aircraft won’t fly without the Jet-A. The aviation World has been changing rapidly just like the rest of the world. The technology is offering us better and faster information.

Jet fuel cards Vs. Jet fuel release

How has the fueling process changed in the past decade? Well, not much has changed in the fueling process but the way the fuel payments are handled. There was a time when having a branded fuel card (just like a credit card) was required. Now, all you need is an email with the fuel release — no need to print it out as a digital copy would do. Icarus jet currently sells Jet-A around the Globe, and it requires a mere request over the email or a phone call. The pilots usually specify if they would need fuel when they arrive after landing or when depart (they have a better idea of how much fuel would be required depending on their schedule that day. Airports like Nice, France (LFMN) get very busy during the film festival or the F1 races and the Summer season. Icarus dispatch recommends that you fuel upon arrival as sometimes the fuel trucks take hours to get to the aircraft and this might make the crew miss their allocated slots for their departure.

Jet fuel rates and their pricing structure and the ramp fees

Jet fuel rates determine the amount of uplift when it comes to carrying the extra load of fuel for most Pilots. After all, caring for the operating cost is very important for the companies and Jet fuel, a necessity, can be tankered to save cost. Icarus Jet always provides their fuel rates on their briefing sheets for the entire schedule of the aircraft. We also offer an account with Fueler Linx, with which a crew can determine precisely how much extra fuel needs uplifting without wasting the fuel load as excess weight. Especially In the USA, most FBO’s charge a hefty ramp fee to deter you from not buying their Jet fuel while visiting their ramp. In instances like Dulles International airport KIAD, the ramp fees are upwards of 500 USD if the crew decides not to fuel at all as the fuel rates are 6 USD per gallon. A fueler Linx account will quickly tell you that you need to carry for example extra 800 gallons from your base airport and then uplift the bare minimum amount from Dulles and avoid the ramp fee. It is one of the ways that Icarus Jet trip support can save you on fuel uplift. Fueler Linx account comes as a package for the trip-support provided by Icarus Jet. None of the FBO’s or handlers anywhere else besides the USA charge a ramp fee for not fueling, and the reason is that in most other countries the Fueler is not the same as the FBO or the handler and it is treated as a separate transaction. So, no worries about the extra ramp fees in the EU or the Middle East or Asia.

Jet fuel and VAT and MOT

Jet fuel for private Jets 4

Mineral oil taxes and Value-added taxes are a concern for all the privately operated aircraft. If you work under FAR part 91 or non-business entity, you will be charged an MOT, and there is no escape from it. VAT, however, can be collected back at the end of the year from most EU countries. Please contact our Flight Dispatch for more information. At the time of fueling In the EU nations, the fueler will ask the crew if they have a charter certificate or an AOC. If the crew cannot produce proof of their AOC at the time of fueling, the aircraft will be charged a VAT and an MOT.

Jet fuel and Trip-Support with Icarus rewards

Jet fuel for private Jets 5

Icarus Jet offers an industry-leading rewards program. It makes the jet fuel uplift cost-effective for the company and at the same time rewards the crew for it. As long as the trip-support is purchased with the Jet fuel on the same leg, each Pilot gets 50 points on an Amex provided by Icarus Jet. Please click on the link to learn more Icarus Crew Rewards. Currently, the crew rewards are offered to companies and crew based in the USA.

Please contact Icarus Dispatch on how to save 3-7% on your fuel uplifts for your aircraft Globally.

Written by Kevin Singh

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