Trip-Support at Nice Airport

Nov 9, 2019

Like most airports in the European Union, Nice Cote D’azur LFMN airport is becoming efficient with the addition of A-CDM. General aviation suffers from a lack of slots and runway/airport capacity in Europe. There is a significant loss of value when it comes to time, fuel, and revenue for most private jet operators in Europe. An operator cannot with certitude say that their Aircraft will make it on time because of SLOT and CTOT and other traffic restrictions.

A few years ago, the A-CDM was introduced, and since then, airports like Barcelona and Venice, Italy, and now Nice have joined the A-CDM. What A-CDM does is that it makes all the [arties Involved in the movement of the aircraft communicate. From the Crew to the Ground-handlers to Euro-control and the ATC. We already know that the PPR and SLOTS are necessary for evert private aircraft that fly into Nice (LFMN) airport, but the CDM process makes us respect the flight planned ETD, authorization codes for departure SOBT=EOBT=TOBT. Communication between the private jet crew at Nice and the Ground Handler and the ATC will be Important so that there are fewer delays and the traffic flows smoothly.

Please see the new departure clearance procedure at the Nice airport.

Trip Support at Nice Airport 1
Trip Support at Nice Airport 1

Written By – Kevin Singh

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