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Trip-Support- Is it safe to over fly the Iranian airspace?

Iranian Airspace

The ever-changing World of Geo-Politics and private aviation here in the western hemisphere leaves the head spinning of its chief’s. The economy is more Global than ever, and the 24 hours in a day of a high powered executive is not enough. And this is the reason why they have private aircraft. Travel at the speed of comfort and save a few days of travel a year which would lead to an Increase in productivity. I am not writing this blog to justify private aircraft travel (but I threw that in there just in case some of you suggest BA to Dubai, red-eye via London). I am writing this blog to discuss the over-flight In the Iranian airspace. Let’s examine some highlights that have been brought to my attention by my fellow Aviators and the news media.

Is it safe to overfly Iran?

Yes, and I must break it to you that Iranian airspace is used by almost all the Airlines of the World, except US Airlines. Their ATC is highly efficient and professional. I have flown countless hours from Muscat and Dubai over to Teterboro and London, and I have encountered a smooth transition from Bahrain ATC to Tehran and then Turkey. Their command of the English language is excellent. Although the news media might scare you to ever consider over-flying Iranian airspace as a US citizen, as we discuss and write this blog, there are US pilots over-flying Iranian airspace in Aircraft that are registered In Bermuda, IOM and other foreign registries. Take Etihad and Emirates for example. They have hundreds of US nationals flying their aircraft, and they crisscross the Iranian airspace on a daily basis.

What happens if one has to divert and land at an Iranian airport?

If an aircraft has an emergency, there is no doubt that they will receive help and diversion to the nearest suitable airport in Iran. They will also receive the emergency assistance upon landing in caring for the crew and the passengers. It has been done many times with no denial ever of an aircraft in distress. Take for example the Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX that left Dubai for Oslo with 168 souls on board. While over the airspace of Iran, it developed technical difficulties which resulted in the Norwegian flight to divert and land at Shiraz international airport in the south of Iran. The entire passenger and crew were provided with assistance and care and sent off to their destination.

Route comparison from London to Dubai

Route comparison from London to Dubai

USA embargo on Iran and its effect on the aviation industry

Economic sanctions placed by the Trump administration has now made it impossible for any repair to be carried out for an aircraft that diverts to an Iranian airport. Most diversions if not for a medical reason are that of technical reasons. Once at an Iranian airport, you cannot bring in any parts that are required to fix the aircraft, if the part comprises component more than 10% of US origin or technology. Norwegian has been on the ground at Shiraz airport in Iran for more than 40 days and counting.

Flight time difference- Iran Vs Saudi airspace

If you have a flight from Teterboro to Dubai, it is much better to stop In Cairo if you are on Gulfstream 550 or a V. A shorter range heavy or Mid-Size like the Challenger 605 GIV or the Citation sovereign can make a tech stop at Shannon and then Cairo. Cost-effective handling at Cairo and cheaper Jet fuel rates make it ever so more an easy decision for a tech stop. It will be 3 hours and 30 min flight from Cairo to Dubai via the Saudi airspace. Both Egypt and Saudi airspace have no embargo and are recommended for trips over to the UAE or Oman and Asia. At Icarus Jet Trip-Support we can arrange for all your handling and over-flight, landing rights in Egypt and Saudi Arabia within 24 hours. Kindly contact us at fltops@icarusjet.com

Written by Kevin Singh

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