The Complete Guide to Getting International Trip Support Services for Private Jet Travel

Jan 18, 2023

The Range of International Trip Support Services

Private aviation operations worldwide require a wide array of international trip support services for a safe flight. With the increasing number of operations during the past few years in the industry, corporate flight departments, owners, and pilots are relying on certified and experienced private aviation companies to supply a comprehensive international support service. 

These services usually come in different packages and prices and are adapted to a specific aircraft segment. An Icarus Jet international trip support package is a unique option in the market and separates from the competition by offering guaranteed parking, permits, and discounted fuel as a standard, while also providing flight planning, overflight and landing permits, and ground handling, among other additional mission-critical services.

Types of Private Planes & Why You Need a Tailor-made Transport Solution

With such a large universe of private aircraft, a tailored approach to delivering an international trip support service is instrumental. Icarus Jet has created three different packages that adapt to the size of the aircraft and its operational capabilities. The company offers three industry-leading programs, starting with a light jet package for aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 16,630 lbs for only 99 USD per leg. 

It also offers a medium jet package for aircraft with an MTOW of 16,631 to 47,999 lbs and a tailored service for heavy jets with an MTOW of 48,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs. Whether operating a private jet charter for luxury travel purposes or business, a comprehensive international trip support service will provide the crew with the needed assistance to arrange all the details before, during, and after a flight.

Types of Service Offered By Private Jet Charter Companies and What is Provided

Private jet charter companies usually offer flight booking services in accordance with overall aircraft availability. Some even go beyond and offer their clients aircraft management services for owners and flight departments. Yet, few provide international trip support services like Icarus Jet and a comprehensive jet fuel program that guarantees a rate reduction of 3-7% versus other global vendors.

Icarus jet provides the mentioned private jet charter services, with a special focus on the trip support business line, thanks to a globally scattered group of specialized professionals ready to adapt to specific travel needs. Having a global team allows Icarus Jet clients the peace of mind to operate in remote locations and achieve time-critical flight permits. This is only possible thanks to an established relationship with local aviation authorities and a superior track record of international operations.

5 Highly Relevant Reasons to Opt for an International Trip Support Service for Private Jets 

International trips demand a different set of obstacles from domestic travel. With usually longer routes to foreign countries, the crew in charge of the flight will require specific documentation to operate and reach out to diverse vendors to supply a wide variety of services. This can be a challenge, especially when operating in remote locations. Partnering with an established trip support company like Icarus Jet will unlock the possibility to work with trusted local service suppliers for ground handling, catering, fuel service, ground transportation, and even hospitality, leaving the complete trip support arrangement in professional hands.

The safety and operational components of a flight, the most crucial aspects of any operation, will also be covered in a certified trip support service. Flight planning, briefing, and following are part of Icarus Jet’s trip support package for any destination in the world – a globally scattered dispatch team will worry about all the details while passengers enjoy the flight and prepare for their upcoming business meetings on foreign soil. Going back to commercial flights will never be on their minds again.

How to Use the Right International Trip Support Service for Your Private Jet Travel & Expectations?

Finding the best service provider for international trips in the business jet class will vary depending on the needs of each operation. Ultimately, a key component when choosing the right trip support company is understanding if the service provider has a team on the location or the region of operation, as this will go a long way when securing the best available rates and overall availability.

Not every jet transport company is positioned to offer a one-stop solution for your international trip support needs as Icarus Jet, mainly because standard private aviation companies only focus on chartering a jet without getting involved in the operational aspect of each flight. This added value has proved to be our competitive advantage to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations.

Conclusion: What to Consider When Choosing an International Trip Support Service Provider

The best private jet support services worldwide are always one step ahead of the process with years of experience and established relationships with global vendors and aviation authorities. Many aspects need to be considered when choosing an international trip support service, especially if the flight plan has more than one leg. 

Only the best private jet support services can offer guaranteed parking, permits, and discounted fuel rates, which are three key aspects of any flight planning process. Icarus Jet can do so because it has established teams in major private jet hubs worldwide to look after all the details of an operation – from pre-flight, in-flight, and up to post-flight. 

While what to consider when booking an international flight will vary depending on the country of operation, aircraft, and route, choosing a qualified trip support services provider is the first step in the process for a flawless private jet experience. You can obtain further information on trip support services or ask for a specific quote at +1 888 277 7203 or by emailing us at You can also charter a flight today here and fly beyond the popular destinations by contacting us at  

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