Trip Support to Qatar for World Cup 2022

Oct 25, 2022

Winter is coming! And so is the FIFA World Cup 2022. Football fans all around the globe are anticipating the games to be as fun as they always are. Qatar is hosting the tournament from November 21st to December 18th. Airport parking in Qatar is already booked by the global crowd flying to Doha in a few months. The season will get busy soon for flight support services because of the sheer number of visitors entering the region simultaneously. 

Airport Slots for Trip Support to Doha 2022

The airport authority in the host country provides a Slot Booking deposit Number (SBDN) once applications for ground handling, slot availability, and landing permits are approved. For each flight rotation involving an arrival or departure, a fixed fee of 5,000 USD is paid to the airport authority responsible for accepting requests. Upon cancellation of the flight, the charge is refunded. 

Members of the PMA are preferred in the distribution of airport slots in Doha. In case of no membership holders, the remaining ones are accepted by waiting in line. There are a few requirements that dictate successful slot requests:

  1. Slot requests must adhere to the standard IATA SSIM pattern for Slot Clearance Requests (SCR).
  2. All proposals should consider turnaround operations.  
  3. The Slot Booking Deposit Number (SBDN), the Ground Handling Confirmation Number (GHCN), and the Flight Purpose.

It is important to note that slot cancellations less than 24 hours before the arrival are not entertained. Revisions are restricted to this time frame. Cash penalties are imposed if the rule is broken. 

  1. 100 USD per seat for passenger flights and the cost of the Slot Booking Deposit (SBD) worth 5000 USD.
  2. 20,000 USD per flight for General Aviation flights and the forfeiture of SBD.
  3. 30,000 USD per flight for cargo flights and the loss of SBD.

Similarly, failing to adhere to the assigned slots also results in several penalties amounting to 5000 USD.

Landing Permits for Trip Support to Qatar 2022

Yep, landing permits are mandatory. All private jet aircraft carrying passengers eager to view the matches must get their landing approved beforehand. It is required to send the request to the relevant authorities at least 72 hours before the flight intends to land. These are the few documents needed to file for landing access:

  1. General Declaration (Details about Crew Members and Passengers)
  2. Details about the Receiving Group
  3. Certificate of Airworthiness
  4. Registration Document
  5. Insurance Proof
  6. Noise Certificate
  7. Air Operator Authorization
  8. Answered Landing Clearing Form
  9. Flight Details
  10. Name and Nationality of all passengers
  11. ATS Routes within Qatar FIR 
  12. Flight Level Ground Handling Confirmation Number (GHCN) Slot clearance.

In addition, Advance Passenger Information (API) about the flight is communicated at least 8 hours before the scheduled departure. Once a narrow aircraft lands at the airport, it can only stay for an hour. For wide aircraft, the ground time can go up to 90 minutes, so be wary of the timing!

Crew Details for Trip Support to Doha 2022

Parking is not permitted in Doha during the WC22. If parking is granted, crew members are allowed entry into the State for up to 72 hours. However, they must have proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test. Failing to provide relevant documents without the GENDEC (Gen. Declaration) will leave the authorities no choice but to repeal permission into the country. However, the State allows nationals of 95 territories to enter with a valid VISA. 

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If you wish to receive flight support to Doha, contact our teams at or call us at +1 888 277 7203. Icarus Jet provides affordable rates for impeccable service and guaranteed bookings, so do not miss out!

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