Grande Prairie Airport

Sep 19, 2016

Grande Prairie Airport in Grande Prairie, Dallas is a 162-acre airport built for General aviation. It has two flight schools that provide training for flight students. The airport has no airline traffic and mostly caters to private jets the size of Light Jets, mid-size and super mid-size.

KGPM – Grand Prairie Municipal

  • Located in Grand Prairie, TX, USA



Longest Hard Surface Runway (ft)


4001 x 75, 17/35

Elevation (ft)



Runway Surface



Fuel Available






Current UTC


11:51:51 AM (-6.00)

Local Standard Time


6:51:51 AM

FBO at Grand Praire airport

There are two FBO based at the airport. Aviator Air center and the City of Grand Praire. Both the FBO have Jet fuel and hangar space with light aircraft maintenance available.

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