Jet-A rates- The upward trend

Jet-A. The necessary 35% of your operating cost ( pretty soon you will have a pilot less cockpit so you can count out their salaries as a necessity). How many of us wake up and look at the trend of privet jet and jet fuel? That’s not likely to cross your mind the first thing when you’re sipping on the cup of jot java. You’re more worries about the safety, security and the over-flight and landing rights. Fuel, is a necessity and so what if it was expensive? It’s not like you can do without it.

No, I don’t blame you one bit for not caring about the trends in the private jet charter and jet fuel rates. That’s why we are here at Icarus Jet Fuel to let you know about the tankering process and where to make a tech stop with minimal ground time. Where your ramp fees are waived at a minimum purchase of Jet-A. Leave it to us to read the trend every morning. I love the smell of Jet fuel in the morning.

Let’s look at the IATA Jet-A trend chart. Or let’s not. Either way, all I want to tell you is that the prices are going up Globally, and chances are that it’s not a big deal as it is not stopping anyone from going to Italy and paying the extra luxury tax and VAT on top of that.

Well, the graph is going up, up and away and that means it will cost us more and more to fuel. Especially In the EU region with their VAT and other taxes. At Icarus Jet, we can help you curb the cost of the Jet fuel expense by 3-7% annually. Fuel tankering is one of them and it’s an easy one. But remember that Icarus Jet has a fleet strength and that gives us the ability to hedge and lower the cost per gallon Globally. So if you’re using a tankering software, and not using our fleet strength to lower your Jet-A rates, then you are still missing out on big savings. Luxury jet charter and private jet travel require savings. It does so because it is only fair to the owners of the aircraft that the savings available are passed down to them.

Private Jet Trip-Support is not a complex game anymore. Unless, you’re in Africa, Russia or China. Countries like India and the others in South East Asia have become much easier to deal with. What we can do for you, is guide you on where to fuel and who to fuel from. We can have the fuel truck ready for you on time around the Globe. We speak multiple languages and we are also located on different continents, making it easier for us to serve you needs no matter where your flight takes you.

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