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May 26, 2018

Beyond the well-known and frequented cultural offerings and museums, Paris and the greater Paris region are home to a genuine secret garden of out of the ordinary and highly original venues for a vivifying visit. There are private mansions tucked away behind inviting facades housing unique collections of 18th-century art offering a glimpse into the lifestyle in France during this period, the arts and archaeology of the far east and you can explore the worlds of playing cards, magic, and freemasonry or take a journey through a haunted manor house where the legends of Paris come alive.

But we know that you have not just jet-setted to La Paris for the museums and art. Icarus Jet Charter recommends the following shopping and dining options that will make your Paris trip even more memorable.


Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

It offers a large selection of items in every segment, from fashion to accessories, beauty, interior decoration and fine food. Located in the heart of Paris nearby the Opera the 70,000 sq mt flagship store, symbol of Parisian elegance, offers more than 3500 brands.

Bucherer Paris

In the heart of the opera district between palace Vendome and Boulevard Haussmann, the house Bucherer unveils sublime 2200m space showcasing the most beautiful Swiss names in Watchmaking. it’s the largest boutique In the World dedicated to Swiss watchmaking.

Montparnasse Rive Gauche-

Montparnasse rive gauche is a premier destination for great shopping and dining experience. In the heart of Paris enjoy the famous retailers such as Galeries Lafayette, CA, Nature and Decouvertes. At the 56th floor of the Montparnasse tower visit the panoa of Paris.

Bars and Wine Bar


Located 5 minutes from Palace Bastille, this is fun bar offers excellent and original cocktails.

Buddha Bar

This trend-setting bar and restaurant attract both fashionistas and tourists. With a giant Golden Buddha presiding over the scene and service that’s cooler than thou.


This speakeasy bar near the Palace de la Bastille has an ambiance straight out of the 1920s complete with the Jazz music playing in the background.


Crazy Horse

A legendary cabaret synonymous with beauty, elegance, sensuality, and sophistication. A show performed by 19 exceptionally beautiful dancers, bathes in richly colored and textured lighting designs. The current show us inspired by Femininity.

Moulin Rouge

This famous cabaret is home to the original cancan. The current show, Feerie, sparkles, with talented performers, including 60 Doriss girls and spectacular staging.

Clubbing VIP style

Le Baron

It might be the cities smallest club but what Le Baron lacks in size it certainly makes up for it in ambiance and exclusive service. In thee chic 8th arrondissement Le Baron stands behind an unmarked door, where only the clued-in know of its private existence and where once guests push the door open, the private club invites them to enjoy one of the best nights of their lives.

Dining on the Seine

Bateaux Mouches- Classic French

Enjoy the dinner on the Seine river enchanted by violin and piano music. Daily departures for dinner is at 830 PM.

Yacht de Paris

The most luxurious of all riverboats serves up gourmet dinner cruises in collaboration with the French house gastronomy Lenotre. The seasonal menu includes noble products and dishes that have been elaborated exclusively for the cruise.

Around the Eiffel Tower

Arpege- $$$$$

Three-star chef Alain Passards menu is now half vegetarian serving ravioli with vegetables, Cevennes onions with parmesan and his famous tomato dessert- though carnivores can find dishes like squab with sugared almonds.

Jules Verne- $$$$$$$$$

This Gastronomic gem is the most expensive restaurant In the Eiffel tower taken over by chef Alain Ducasse. The Jules Verne has been awarded one Michelin star. Treat yourself to “haute cuisine”.

Please see Icarus Luxury Jet rates from Paris, France to some of the hand-picked cities. We are to take you everywhere!

6500 USD Paris to London one way
42000 USD Paris to Dubai one way
21000 USD Paris to Cairo one way
55000 USD Paris to NYC one way

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