Maldives International Airport

Mar 31, 2019

Male International airport is also known as Velana International airport. It is situated on the Island of Hulhule´. This artificial island was built to accommodate all private and airline traffic into the Maldives.

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The History of Maldives International Airport

Due to the tourist boom in the 1990s, Maldives’ government decided to expand the smaller 3000-foot runway airport into an International airport. In January of 2017, the name of the airport was changed from Ibrahim Nassir to Velana International Airport.

Maldives International Airport Map

Maldives International Airport Coordinated and Elevation





Longest Hard Surface Runway (ft)


10499 x 148, 18/36

Elevation (ft)



Runway Surface



Fuel Available






Current UTC


7:34:53 PM (+5.00)

Local Standard Time


12:34:53 AM

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