Analyzing the Private Jet Charter Industry

Apr 10, 2018

It’s obvious to anyone that one of the most pivotal characteristics to a successful charter brokerage is you have to be a good salesperson. However, it is equally as important to be a good market and industry analyzer. What this means essentially is having a deep analytical understanding of market trends, tendencies, competition, and clientele. This analytical approach is not always utilized by those in the private jet charter industry, or it is not used properly and effectively. At Icarus Jet we pride ourselves in utilizing this approach and applying it to our daily business, with phenomenal results.

One prime example we can offer to explain this is in in regards to peak seasons. We compile the data of all details related to each specific charter we have ever performed. Then we analyze the data to determine the locations and seasons of the market in which we are most competitive. When looking at a graph of our request frequency throughout the year, the shape of the graph resembles a parabola. What we analyzed from this is that at the beginning and end of the year is when the market is slowest for us, but as we move into the summer months, charter requests pick up exponentially. We then expand on this to determine the regions in the world in which our charter requests are more frequent and then focus our time in energy into those specific markets. Our data also allows us to determine where we are lacking in certain markets and why, thus allowing Icarus to develop a business plan for market penetration. We have used this approach this past year to expand our private jet charter capabilities and expertise to all of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the US.

It is the analyzing and understanding of this industry and market information which then guides our business approach. We know where and when to focus our energy to optimize our capabilities in providing private jet charter, fuel and trip support in the markets where we are most competitive and will be most successful. In the end, statistics and understanding what they mean are incredibly important to be successful in an industry as widespread and competitive as private jet charter. Our analytical approach has given us advantage over our competitors and has allowed us to establish the international reputation we hold today.

With Icarus Jet you can be rest assured that you will always get where you need to go and in the safest manner possible. Please contact us for any private jet charter related inquiries, we will take you everywhere.

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