Private Jet Charter to the Tennis French Open 

Feb 15, 2024

Officially called Roland-Garros, the tennis grand slam event in Paris is a major sporting event worldwide. Fun fact – Roland Garros was the first Grand Slam to introduce floodlights. In 1988, they installed floodlights on the main courts, allowing for exciting evening games and extending play into the night. Later, the feature extended to other major tennis tournaments worldwide. Night matches at Roland Garros have become a fan-favorite to witness high-quality tennis under the dazzling lights.

In 2024 – the event will be held from May 20th to June 9th at the Roland Garros Red Clay Stadium in Paris.

Why Should I Charter a Private Jet to Tennis Tournaments?

Have you ever thought of hitching a ride on a private plane to watch tennis? It’s trending to zoom off to witness some epic serves and volleys. Private travel is the dream ticket for players and fans alike. No more jostling through airport crowds or dealing with those dreaded security lines. Just smooth sailing (or flying) to your seat. Here’s a rundown of the perks:

  1. Flexibility in Departure: Private air transportation makes it much easier to leave tournament sites promptly without hasslesome arrangements. If a player or VIP audience member needs to leave immediately after a match, a private plane can offer the flexibility to suit their schedule without relying on pre-determined commercial flight times.
  2. Avoiding Delays: Private flights mitigate the potential for bottlenecks that may occur when flying in the company of other passengers. Without waiting for other passengers to board or deplane, players and spectators from around the globe can save valuable time, ensuring prompt arrivals and departures.
  3. Privacy and Recognition: Players and celebrity spectators with global recognition may value the confidentiality provided by private travel. With fewer interactions with the public and the ability to bypass crowded airport terminals, players can enjoy a more seamless and discreet travel experience.
  4. Accommodating Family and Team: Private planes are so spacious that they can comfortably fit not only tennis players but also their entire families and teams. It is typical to travel with family and coaches onboard.

Private Jet Charter French Open Prices

Factors that affect the pricing are the distance traveled, the size and type of aircraft chosen, the duration of the flight, any additional services requested, and the time of booking. Private jet charter prices to Paris can vary significantly based on these factors. For example, shorter flights from nearby European cities like Nice or London may be more affordable, while longer flights from distant locations could command higher prices. The type of aircraft selected also plays a significant role, with larger and more luxurious jets generally costing more to charter.

Additionally, peak travel times, such as during the French Tennis Open, Summer Olympics, or the Paris Fashion Week, may have high demand for private jet charters, potentially leading to higher prices. However, early booking and flexibility with travel dates can sometimes result in more competitive rates. Travelers must work closely with our private jet charter agents to understand all costs, including any potential surcharges or additional fees. Here are some of the current estimates:

  • Dubai to Paris: $55,000.
  • London to Paris: $8,000.
  • Nice to Paris: $8,000.
  • New York to Paris: $65,000.
  • Riyadh to Paris: $51,000.

We recommend contacting our agents for an arrangement from your preferred departure points. They will offer enhanced support to you with the details necessary to organize your journey. For further explanation on renting a private aircraft to Paris, kindly request via email to or dial +1 888 277 7203.

Paris Private Jet Airports 

Choose airports that are nearer to your destination so that you may optimize time while traveling. Here are some suitable options for Paris jet charters to the Roland Garros Stadium:

LE BOURGET AIRPORT: Situated 25 minutes away from the Grand Slam Tennis Stadium, this airport specializes in handling private jet traffic. It is Europe’s most popular general aviation airport. 

ORLY AIRPORT: Just 20 minutes in traffic and even less on an open road drive, the Orly Airport is one the most convenient options for private jet transfers to the French Open venue.

FAUVILLE AIRPORT: Located a 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from the Stadium, this airport is a joint military and civilian field serving private planes and military aircraft. 

Private Jet Charter to Paris for Roland Garros – Tips

At Roland Garros, unlike other arenas, there are no domes to shield from rain, so play stops during adverse weather. Visitors must come prepared with extra clothes or umbrellas for any possible conditions and be patient during match delays. Alcohol consumption isn’t a typical practice in the stadiums; however, a dining area in the main lobby offers wine and cocktails for enjoyment before returning to the match. Spectators typically bring their culinary items, as the food options within the venue are limited to everyday items like hotdogs and hamburgers. Surprisingly, attendees are allowed and encouraged to bring their picnic spread too. 

In just a short stroll from the stadium, tourists can easily access the Bois de Boulogne or explore the Auteuil botanical garden, known for its climate-friendly greenhouses. Nearby, charming house museums like Maison de Balzac or Maison La Roche also exist. For those craving cultural immersion, a visit to La Seine Musicale promises a dynamic experience, offering everything from live concerts to alfresco film viewings and captivating art displays.

This year has a lot of events lined up in Paris. In 2024 – there is the tennis Grand Slam, fashion week, and the highly anticipated Summer Olympics. With Icarus Jet, your journey will remain as safe and private as possible. We offer jet rental services in Paris, Rome, London, and all other European cities around France. Icarus Jet also offers private jet rentals to the US, Wimbledon, and Australian Opens for tennis. So, book us today! 

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