Davos World Economic Forum – Restrictions on Overnight Parking for Private Aircraft in Zurich

Dec 5, 2018

The Davos World Economic Forum is being held in Davos, Switzerland from January 21st till the 26th in 2019. Like every year, there will be restrictions on the overnight parking at Zurich and other airports nearby. Icarus Trip-Support highly recommends that the flight departments who are planning on attending the forum, apply for a PPR and Slots Immediately. Even if you are not completely sure about the ETA or ETD, get something close to it as most of the parking is restricted to 3 hours on the ground and the slots have already been allocated to the charter companies and private jet operators.

Icarus Jet Trip-support has parking availability at Zurich airport from the 21st till the 26th of January in 2019. We are holding these hangar parking spots till the 21st of December. Please contact info@icarusjet.com to inquire about the pricing of the parking at Zurich Airport LSZH. Icarus Trip-Support can also arrange the arrival and departure slots at Zurich Airport for the flight departments for their drop-offs. We recommend the following airports for a reposition and overnight parking closer to Zurich Airport.

Overnight Parking for Private Aircraft In Zurich

1- Dubendorf LSMD

No slots required at LSMD but a PPR is required. Their operating times are 0600-2000Z on the weekdays and 0700-1900 on Saturdays. Dubendorf is closed on Sundays.

2- Friedrichshafen EDNY

Friedrichshafen is on the German side and they do have ample parking available for the aircraft. Operating hours are 0500-2100Z on the weekdays and 0600-2000Z on the weekends. Overtime is available upon request.

3- Buochs LSZC

Buochs airport is about an hour and a half drive from Zurich so it might not be the most convenient. Icarus trip-support will only recommend this airport for the crew members who are familiar with the area as there is no de-icing available. Buochs airport is a bit tricky airport to get in and out. Please consult Kamran or Adrian for more information.

4- St Gallen LSZR

St Gallen is the closest and the best option for a drop-off and repositions to Zurich airport. Some of the best things about St Gallen airport are-

  • All handling processes from one source (FBO & Ramp)
  • Short distances and departure
  • No capacity restrictions / no slots
  • Schengen and non-Schengen immigration
  • EASA certified
  • The preferred airport for the World Economic Forum in Davos
  • Refueling, de-icing and catering services
  • Free crew benefits (e.g. free crew car)
  • Closest alternate airport to Samedan, Zurich, and Friedrichshafen.

Please contact our flight dispatchers and trip support advisors below for more information.

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