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The Red Sea, the river Nile, the Pyramids of Giza, the souk of Khan el Khalili. They will transform you into a merchant haggling for the price of a rug, to young soul just dancing the night away to the DJs beats on the blue waters of the Red Sea in the town of El Gouna. The river Nile will float you to a millennia’s wisdom passed down from the centuries, from the old to the young. Egypt will give you an old soul. A travelers soul yearning for the knowledge of old and new. It will offer its humor, its kindness, and a culture rich in respect for the elderly and a “shirt of their back” hospitality. I love walking through the streets of Khan el Khalili. The souk is ages old, yet alive as ever. The tea vendors and food vendors and the shopkeepers are out trying to sell and go by their day. It is a hard day work for them and their honest smile melts your hearts. You can hear them speak German, French, and Spanish fluently. Even the little boys are out trying to get you to notice their shops and trinkets they are trying to sell. I heard one little boy yell at me “Sir, how can take your money?”. His sharp wit made me chuckle. And as I walked a few feet I had another shopkeeper ask me ” What are you looking for?” and I said “nothing”. He replied without skipping a beat ” I can sell you Nothing for 50 USD, come and have a look”. I couldn’t help but laugh at their dry sense of humor and their reach to cultures far away and hold of multiple languages which they speak fluently.

As I walked around the souk, mesmerized by the Mosques and Minarets, I stumbled upon a Cafe called the Naguib Mahfouz. It was a serendipitous walk that led me here. A man stood at the door, heavy set and witty. He said, ” come on in, if you don’t like the food, I will pay for it myself”. I took his word for it and as he guided me to the cafe, I was blown away by the rich decor of Arabic arts and geometrical lines painted on the ceiling. The food was equally great, but the Shisha; It was the best shisha I have ever smoked. This was equivalent to sitting at the Bodega in Havana and smoke Cigars where Ernest Hemingway smoked his cigars and spent his time. I felt relaxed, with delicious Egyptian food and Tea with mint, my eyes gazed upon Men playing chess and smoking the shisha. My traveler’s soul had aged a bit more for the better. Suddenly I understood this World a bit better and sat amongst people full of laughter and kindness. There is no place like Egypt on this planet. One must visit the Land that gave us so much and this land is the Mother of the World. From religion to politics to Science, there is nothing that Egypt hasn’t contributed to.

Icarus Jet charter has access to 4 Citation Sovereigns. Capable of carrying between 9 to 10 passengers in the luxury of its one of a kind Interior, it also serves as a Medical Air transport. We also have a beautiful King Air 350 and Hawker 850 XP in Cairo that can carry 8 pax in a VIP configuration. All our private jet aircraft based out of Cairo come with a full VIP catering and Flight attendants. Our Pilots are highly experienced ex-military with a minimum of 5000 hours.

Some of the most popular destinations out of Cairo-

  • Cairo- Luxor – 12000 USD
  • Cairo- Aswan – 13000 USD
  • Cairo-Abu Simble – 15000 USD
  • Cairo-Marsa Alam – 12000 USD
  • Cairo- El Gouna – 8800 USD

Icarus jet charter also curates its travel with some of the highest safety rated Aircraft operators like Vista Jet Luxaviation Net Jets. All our aircraft and operators are Wyvern and Argus audited. Some of our International operators are not audited but have higher safety margins than Argus and Wyvern.

Written by: Kevin Singh

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