Embraer Legacy 600 – Private Aircraft Charter

The Embraer Legacy 600, which was Introduced at the Farnborough Airshow as the Embraer Legacy 2000, is the airline version of the ERJ 135. With a seating capacity of 13 passengers and two crew members, this aircraft has a range of 3000 NM. The Legacy 600 is a proven model with years of safe operations and proven performance with a cost-effective service for a luxury private jet. Considered an upper end of the Super-midsize airplane, the Embraer Legacy is one of the most sought after private aircraft. The Legacy 600 has been Improved upon its range from 3000 NM to 3900 NM with the Introductions of the Legacy 650 Aircraft in 2009.

Embraer Legacy 600 Aircraft specifications

  • 10-13 comfortable seats for passengers
  • Wifi and other entertainment packages
  • An enclosed lavatory with sink and mirrors
  • 3000 NM flight range
  • Maximum cruise speed 460 kts
  • 5193 lbs payload and baggage capacity 286 CU FT

Other Aircraft Comparable To The Legacy 600 Are

Challenger 350
Challenger 605

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