Private Jet Charter to T20 World Cup 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Cricket is back, but this time, it has a surprising co-host. In 2021, ICC announced the United States was one of the host countries for the Men’s World Cup 2024. The entire month of June will be jam-packed with action, fans from around the world, and let’s not forget – the barmy army. After all, England won the last edition of the game. Plus, it’s T20 cricket, which has the highest popularity across all cricket formats.

When Is The T20 WC 2024?

The tournament will knock off on the 1st of June at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas and extend right into the end of the month, with the final match scheduled on the 29th of June at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. 

Do you know who the biggest cricket fans in the world are? Everyone knows it’s not Americans – yet. Australians are crazy for cricket, with almost 90% of the population tuning in to watch it every year. But that’s not all – almost half of cricket’s global fan following are English. They are absolutely bonkers about the sport. Unfortunately, cricket has yet to take America by storm, with just over 1% of the population regularly following the sport. It’s mainly because the sport doesn’t have enough exposure in mainstream media. But who knows – with its exciting gameplay and passionate fan base, cricket might just become the next big thing in America!

Private Jet Airports Nearest to the Venues 

The Caribbean and the United States will jointly host the games in 2024. All the American stadiums have a greater seating capacity compared to the ones in the West Indian islands. Here is a list of the nine venues and the number of games scheduled there:

  1. Grand Prairie Stadium, Texas: The inaugural match of USA vs CAN starts here, with 3 others down the play. The Grand Prairie Airport is almost entirely used for general aviation traffic and is 10 minutes from the venue. 
  1. Nassau County Cricket Stadium, New York: This is the reserved stadium for the highly anticipated PAK vs IND match. This ground has 8 games reserved in its name. This stadium can seat the highest amount of spectators in the entire tournament. John F Kennedy Airport is almost half an hour’s drive away from the venue during peak traffic hours. 
  1. Central Broward Stadium, Florida: Only 4 matches will take place here. Just 11 miles off the Pompano Beach Airport, this location is 15 minutes from the nearest airport in Lauderhill.
  1. Arnos Vale Stadium, St. Vincent & Grenadines: 5 games. The ET Joshua airport is just 5 minutes away by car.
  1. Darren Sammy Cricket Stadium, St. Lucia: 6 matches. The George F Charles Airport is a private plane charter airport almost 25 minutes away.
  1. Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua & Barbuda: 8 matches. It takes 15 minutes to reach the stadium through the Bird International airfield in St. Johns.
  1. Brian Lara Cricket Ground, Trinidad & Tobago: 5 matches, including a semi-final. Piarco International Airport is quite a drive away from the cricket academy. It will take an hour or so.  
  1. Providence Stadium, Guyana: There will be 6 games in total – with a semi-final. The Ogle airfield in Georgetown is half an hour away.
  1. Kensington Oval, Barbados: The most games here, including the final. Teams will play 9 matches featuring the fan-favorite rivalry of ENG vs AUS at this venue. The distance from the nearest airfield of Grantley Adams is 40 minutes in peak traffic. 

Private Jet Prices to T20 Cricket World Cup

Given that the tournament takes place across nine different venues in two host countries, the matches result in numerous air routes, totaling several dozen. Here are some anticipated route prices for a private jet for the Cricket World Cup 2024:

Cost of Jet Charter to New York – One Way

  • Delhi to New York: 185,000 USD
  • London to New York: 120,000 USD
  • Dubai to New York: 180,000 USD
  • Australia to New York: 300,000 USD

Cost of Jet Charter to Florida – One Way

  • Delhi to Florida: 275,000 USD
  • London to Florida: 145,000 USD
  • Dubai to Florida: 175,000 USD
  • Australia to Florida: 280,000 USD

Cost of Jet Charter to Dallas – One Way

  • Delhi to Dallas: 280,000 USD
  • London to Dallas: 100,000 USD
  • Dubai to Dallas: 225,000 USD

Cost of Jet Charter to the Caribbean – One Way

  • Dallas to Saint Vincent: 60,000 USD
  • Florida to Saint Vincent: 70,000 USD
  • New York to Saint Vincent: 125,000 USD
  • Dallas to  Saint Lucia: 45,000 USD
  • Florida to Saint Lucia: 30,000 USD
  • New York to Saint Lucia: 80,000 USD
  • Florida to Barbados: 45,000 USD
  • New York to Barbados: 90,000 USD

For destinations to see your favorite matches, email with the stadium on your ticket. Our agents will send you a price quote for your location and preference type. Additionally, specific quotes can be requested via call at +1 888 277 7203

Private Jets Available For Charter

Icarus Jet has a diverse fleet of on-demand private jets to suit travel within the US and beyond. Here are some of the private jets available for a charter to the Cricket World Cup:

  • Hawker 850 XP, 8 passengers.
  • Learjet 35, 6 passengers.
  • Citation Sovereign, 10 passengers.
  • Challenger 350, 8 passengers.

Contact our agents to cater to your aircraft requirements for a personalized plan.

Private Jet Charter to Dallas

The Grand Prairie Stadium is only a few miles away from Dallas. Since it is the season’s opening match, Icarus Jet ascertains its specialty in the region that houses its main office in Dallas Love Field Airport. Our private jet to Dallas is a location we have operated from for over two decades. 

Private Jet Charter to the Caribbean

It’s a sweet coincidence that the cricket World Cup in June aligns with the end of tourism peak hours in the Caribbean. The West Indies islands are a great vacation spot for beach holidays, and planning your stay from April to May isn’t a bad idea to extend into June matches. 

Icarus Jet has a track record of reliable, safe, and comfortable private plane travel around the globe. Our top destinations include Cairo, Dubai, London, Paris, Zurich, etc. 

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