Private Jet Charter Dubai to London

Dec 16, 2019

Private Plane Charter between Dubai and London

The flight time between Dubai and London is about 7 hours and 20 minutes. Dubai to London is one of the most frequent routes between these two Iconic cities. The weather is exactly at the opposite ends, which is why we see a jump in the private aircraft traffic from Dubai to London in the summertime. The estimated time for departure on a private plane from Dubai is dependent upon the availability of the landing SLOTS in London, as the airports have night time restrictions. It also depends upon which London airport would the passenger like to arrive in (Stansted, Luton, Biggin Hill, or Farnborough). There are plenty of options offered by Icarus Jet for business aviation flights from Dubai to London airports.


Dubai and London are two cities that have so much in common, although one is a desert, and the other is just a large Island where it seems as if the rain would never stop. The cities are connected via their financial sectors, banking Industry, and high-end luxury goods. The weather in London attracts the people from Dubai during the summertime, and London becomes an oasis and refuge from the extreme heats of Dubai. The cost of a private aircraft rate from Dubai to London is around 45000 USD for a one-way dropoff. Icarus Jet can curate aircraft that fits your needs from a Light Jet to a Super Mid-size or a Mid-size jet. Please call us at +1 888 277 7203 to speak with a Jet charter analyst.

Icarus Jet charter curates aircraft that are safety audited, and where applicable, we use ARGUS and WYVERN audited operators only.

Jet Charter Rates From Dubai to London

AircraftSeating CapacityCost
Bombardier Global 6000 (Ultra long range)13$115000
Legacy 650 (Long Range)13$124500
Challenger 605 (Heavy jet)12$75500
Learjet 60XR (Mid size)5$46500
Jet Charter Rates

Private Jet Airports In Dubai

Dubai International is the main airport in Dubai, UAE. Still, the city of Dubai is also served by a smaller Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, which is more convenient for private jet travel for slots and parking. Please contact the Icarus Jet charter for the best options in Dubai for your arrival airport choices.

Private Jet Airports in London

London offers a few more choices than Dubai for airports. The airports in London do not operate 24-7 and have a strict night-time curfew. Most London airports start their operation at 6 AM local and end at 10 PM local. The exception to these night-time restrictions is London, Luton airport, Stansted airport, and Heathrow airport. Icarus Jet also serves London City, Gatwick, Northolt, and Farnborough Airports.


How much does it cost to take a private jet from Dubai to London?

A one-way drop-off from Dubai to London is about 80,000 USD.

What is the flight time for a Dubai to London private jet charter?

The flight time non-stop from Dubai to London is around 7 hours.

What are the different types of jets available for charter in Dubai?

From Mid-size, Super-Mid, and heavy and ultra longe range to Airliner size private jets are available from Dubai.

What is the best airport to use for a private jet charter in Dubai?

Dubai Al Makhtoun is the most cost-effective airport compared to Dubai International Airport, which is also a very expensive and crowded airport. There are several delays in a departure from Dubai international airport due to the heavy traffic.

What is the best airport to use in London for a private jet charter?

London Luton is the best airport in London for private aircraft as it’s operational 24 hours a day, and it is only a 55-minute drive to Mayfair and Knightsbridge area.

What are the types of jets available for charter in London?

London has availability of light, very light, mid-size and heavy jet to ultra-long-range and airliner size private aircraft.

What are the best companies to use for chartering a plane in London?

Some of the biggest Industry giants are present in London like Vista Jet and Net Jets and Aircharter Scotland and Avcon Jet.

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