Private Plane Charter Between Dubai and Riyadh

Dec 19, 2019

The flight time between Dubai and Riyadh is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Icarus Jet charter can depart within 8 hours of scheduling a private aircraft Riyadh. The time for departure on a private aircraft from Dubai to Riyadh is dependent upon the availability of the crew, the landing rights with the over-flight permits from Saudi Arabia, and how soon can they beat the traffic and get to the airplane. There are plenty of options offered by Icarus Jet for business aviation flights from Dubai to Riyadh.

Our Private Jet charter analyst stands out of the crowd and reduces the private jet charter rates by data analysis of the empty legs available every day from Dubai to Riyadh.

Both Dubai and Riyadh are the financial icon and major traffic for investment and Private Aircraft. The cost of a private aircraft rate from Dubai to Riyadh is around 14000 USD for a one-way dropoff. Icarus Jet can curate aircraft that fits your needs from a Light Jet to a Super Mid-size or a Mid-size jet. Please call us at +1 888 277 7203 to speak with a Jet charter analyst.

Icarus Jet offers some of the most cost-effective rates on this particular route with the Industry-leading ARGUS and WYVERN audited operators. This safety audit makes the rates lucrative and the safety of the passengers impeccable. Please see some of our jet charter rates from Dubai to Riyadh.

Dubai to Riyadh Jet Charter Map

Jet Charter Rates From Dubai to Riyadh

King Air 350i– 14000 USD for a one-way drop-off

A versatile workhorse of the aviation industry with a proven safety record. The King Air is a quiet cabin turboprop, wifi equipped aircraft with seating for eight people.

Challenger 605– 16000 USD for a one-way drop-off.

One of the best aircraft produced by Citation, with a 5-hour range and ample cabin space for eight people it is a widely used light Jet.

Hawker 400 XP– 20000 USD for a round trip.

This light jet can seat six people and comes with a full galley with catering and a flight attendant.

Private Jet Airports In Dubai

Dubai International Airport is the main airport in Dubai, UAE, but there’s an equally popular airport which is much friendlier to General aviation traffic. The Dubai Al Maktoum Airport The airport is located about 30 KM from downtown Dubai and has one terminal and one runway. It also has a separate ramp and parking area for General aviation aircraft, which are served by DC Aviation FBO and Jet Aviation FBO.

Private Jet Airports In Riyadh

There is one international airport serving the city of Riyadh. The King Khaled International airport. Riyadh King Khaled International airport has 5 Terminal and a Royal terminal used for the Royal family only. It has multiple facilities serving General aviation traffic. Jet Aviation, Execu Jet and Saudi Private aviation are the three FBO serving the Private Jet traffic at Riyadh Airport. They all provide Maintenance, Parking and Jet Fuel for Private Aircraft of any cabin class.

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